Articles and information to help you get the most out of your fitness program.

7 reasons to get outdoors and exercise

We know that exercising regularly is good for keeping your bones, heart and mind healthy, but did you know the benefits exercise when you choose to do it outside? Getting a daily dose of sun and moving outdoors increases the level of serotonin in our bodies helping us to feel happy. We have put together some …Read more »

6 Forms Of Exercise To Add To Your Life

Exercise is for Everyone We know that it can be hard to get started on a fitness journey if you haven’t exercised before, have taken a break or are thinking of changing up your usual workout routine. Our classes are designed so that people of all fitness and skill levels can achieve an effective and …Read more »

Tips For Targeting Thighs, Bums and Tums

Tummy, Bums, Thighs… Legs, Butts, Tums… However, you want to say it, there is no denying that these are the areas many of us want to improve but may choose to avoid. We have put together nine of our best tips (three for each body part), to help you achieve results as this areas of your …Read more »

7 reasons why you should practise yoga

We’ve put together what we think are the seven key benefits of yoga and how it can change your life. Taking time out of your day to enjoy gentle, stretching exercises is one of the best things you can do for your body. 1. Improves posture Research has found that good posture is important for …Read more »

How Exercise Can Help You Both Physically And Mentally

Managing stress and anxiety with a healthy lifestyle It is important to take time for yourself and  do things that will help improve our wellbeing. These include things like regular exercise, healthy eating and making sure we take time to relax our minds. Exercise is crucial to your mental health just as much as your …Read more »

Exercise at home with a full body workout

While you are working from home, it’s important to stay active! Regular exercise, nutritional food and a good amount of sleep all contribute towards keeping your body and mind functioning well. We are constantly adding new and exciting videos to our online offering, and love hearing all of our members enjoying them too! If you’re …Read more »

5 basic techniques to help improve and strengthen your workout

Why is technique important? By understanding the technique of the movement you’re doing, you’ll be able to incorporate and activate more muscles. This means you’ll work at an optimal level and reach your goals faster. The correct technique helps to prevent injuries from occurring as well as re-strengthen muscles that have been injured. With proper …Read more »

How food, exercise and meditation can boost your mood

It feels good to be happy. And feeling happy comes with a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s the food you eat, the regular workouts you do or the time you take to focus on the mind, there are plenty of ways to boost your mood while improving your overall health at the same time. Need a …Read more »

Everything you need to know about pilates and why you should do it

After much request from our Live Life Get Active members, we have decided to add pilates to our live-stream timetable. Exciting right?! But whether you have years of Pilates experience under your belt, or none at all, you may want to know the ins and outs of this form of exercise and why it is …Read more »

How stretching regularly can benefit your life

What is the first thing a cat does when it wakes up, stretches! It is is our instinct as humans to stretch and get the blood flowing through our muscles to wake up the body. Not only is it instinctual, it also has a tonne of benefits and is super important to incorporate into your …Read more »