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7 Advantages of Exercising with Others

No matter if you’re exercising alone or in a group setting, you are going to receive a multitude of benefits, both physically and mentally. However, exercising in group settings (like in your LLGA classes) can have some bonus benefits which include meeting some great people along the way! But which one is better, exercising alone …Read more »

Understanding Core Strength and Why It’s Important For You

What is your core? Did you know that your core is so much more than abs? While we think of the sculpted movie star six pack when we think of core, the core actually wraps around your whole body like a seatbelt. It is connected to your spine, bum, legs and chest, and like a …Read more »

10 Goals for a Fitter, Healthier & Happier You in 2020

Small and Realistic Changes For long term changes to be achieved, small changes need to be made. Small changes are easier to fit into a busy lifestyle and once they are a part of your daily routine, they can be built upon with more! We have put together a list of our Top 10 Tips …Read more »

9 Exercises for Burning Belly Fat You Can Do at Home

Always Combine Exercise with Nutrition. Whether you’re trying to slim down for summer or fit into an outfit for a special occasion, how to lose cm’s from around the waist is a question we get asked all the time. Eating a balanced diet is a great start and we have outlined the best foods for …Read more »

7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

Kick-starting you’re weight-loss journey can be tricky. If your dieting, exercising and not losing weight, then perhaps one of these common weight-loss mistakes are holding you back. Meal Replacement Shakes Although these shakes have helped some individuals on their weight loss journey, they should not be perceived as a total or long term solution. This …Read more »

The Importance of Strength Training for Women

Building and maintaining muscle mass through strength training is one of the most effective ways we as women can look after our body, particularly as we get older.  Some women are often reluctant to take part in an exercise that involves weights out of fear of becoming ‘bulky’ and therefore choose mostly cardio-based workouts. This …Read more »

How Much Should I Be Exercising?

When it comes to determining how often you should be exercising there is no simple formula (unfortunately) that will work for everyone. However, we are here to help! Figuring out what will work for you begins with identifying how active you already are. Take a moment to consider the below 3 categories to decide how …Read more »

Bodyweights or Weights: Everything You Need to Know

One isn’t better than the other We aren’t saying that one is better than the other; in fact both types of exercise are awesome for toning and strengthening our muscles. It’s simply about knowing what’s best for your personal circumstances in order to achieve your end goal. Bodyweight exercises involve one thing and one thing …Read more »

9 Secrets to Toning Up Your Arms

  Working out your arms but not seeing the results you’re after? Well, we have put together an easy to follow blog that may help you overcome this. Implement these secrets into your existing routine to get the most out of your workouts. Perfect Get your dip on Dips are the perfect workout for your …Read more »

9 Ways to Maximise Your Leg Workout

It’s all about working smarter not harder. In this article, we have laid out 9 easy to follow tips that can help you maximise the results from your existing workouts. If you’re exercising hard in the park or in the gym and not seeing the results you’re after, then perhaps you should look at implementing …Read more »