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6 Habits That May Be Preventing You From Healthy Weight Loss

Kick-starting you’re weight-loss journey can be tricky. If your’e dieting, exercising and not losing weight, then perhaps one of these common weight-loss habits are holding you back. Completely Cutting Out Carbohydrates A common misconception is that cutting carbohydrates from your diet will guarantee results. Carbs are a vital source of energy and vital if you …Read more »

10 reasons why you should do strength training

Strength training is important for both men and women Building and maintaining muscle mass through strength training is one of the most effective ways that we can can look after our bodies, particularly as we get older.  Some women are often reluctant to take part in an exercise that involves weights out of fear of …Read more »

Understanding Core Strength and It’s Benefits

What is your core? Did you know that your core is so much more than abs? While we think of the sculpted movie star six pack when we think of core, the core actually wraps around your whole body like a seatbelt. It is connected to your spine, bum, legs and chest, and like a …Read more »

How to Improve your Home Workouts

Do you need some motivation to workout at home? Check out these handy tips with some advice from our personal trainers to get your body moving and feeling good! This year many of us have had to change our workout routines. Aussies all over the country have switched out gym floors and yoga studios for …Read more »

How often should I exercise to see results?

It can be hard to know how often you need to exercise. If you are new to exercise it’s a good idea to take it in small steps and let your body gets used to all the new movements. But don’t worry, soreness after your workout is totally normal! Exercise does so much more than …Read more »

The powerful benefits of high intensity interval training

You’ve probably heard of high intensity interval training, or even done it with out realising! To put it simply, this is a popular form of exercise that combines two of the most effective fat-burning workouts: high intensity training and interval training. The best thing about it is you only need to take 20 minutes out …Read more »

How Exercise Can Help You Cope Through Tough Times

Managing stress and anxieties with a healthy lifestyle With all the uncertainties in our lives at the moment, it is important we do things that will help improve our wellbeing. These include things like regular exercise, healthy eating and making sure we take time to relax our minds. Exercise is crucial to your mental health …Read more »

3 Ways Exercise Boosts Your Mood and Mind

Your body and mind go hand-in-hand Ever felt happier after a workout or long walk? There’s a very good reason for that. Not only does exercise have great physical benefits like toning muscles, losing weight or reducing the risk of certain diseases, it also boosts your mood, happiness and overall mental health too. According to …Read more »

At Home Full Body Workout

While you are staying safe at home, it’s important to stay active! Regular exercise will help to keep your body and mind functioning well during these uncertain times. We are currently working on our new and exciting online offering! In the meantime, here is something you can do at home. WARM UP Arm rotation x …Read more »

Our Best Thighs, Bums and Tums Tips For at Home

Tummy, Bums, Thighs… Legs, Butts, Tums… However, you want to say it, there is no denying that these are the areas many of us want to improve. And just because we are all stuck at home does not mean we can’t work on them! That is why we have put together nine of our best …Read more »