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10 Self-Improvement Challenges for Healthier Habits

Self-improvement is a practice that takes a lifetime to master. In fact, as we grow older we should always be seeking personal growth as we continue our journeys of learning and development. But the truth is, that comes with challenges. And, while some people shy away from challenges or things that make them uncomfortable, it’s …Read more »

5 Lifestyle Changes with Big Outcomes

Did you know that some habits you consider harmless can affect your well-being? If you get used to a bad habit, you might see it as a part of life, especially if it is common in society. You can choose to break all these habits even if you have not yet experienced their harmful effects. …Read more »

Why People Who Keep A Daily Diary Have Healthier Habits

Planning is all about preparation, and with preparation comes organisation. In times of uncertainty creating a routine gives you tasks you can tick off and feel a sense of accomplishment. Set the foundation of this term by finding an effective way to plan that works for you. If you are naturally very organised or need …Read more »

How Journaling For 5 Minutes A Day Will Change Your Life

Journaling means different things to different people. Some enjoy writing their thoughts out on paper and working through their anxieties or fears, some see it as a meditative practice while others might see it as a path to a more organised life. Whatever it is that has drawn you to journaling, when kept up regularly …Read more »

How Exercise Can Help You Both Physically And Mentally

Managing stress and anxiety with a healthy lifestyle It is important to take time for yourself and  do things that will help improve our wellbeing. These include things like regular exercise, healthy eating and making sure we take time to relax our minds. Exercise is crucial to your mental health just as much as your …Read more »

6 Simple tricks to start your day with positivity

How to Start Your Day in a Positive Way For many people, getting through the day brimming with positivity can be challenging, especially if they’re experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression. However, the importance of starting your day in a positive way can’t be understated. That’s why we’ve put together 6  simple actions to help …Read more »

THE 4 Ps – The Best Character Traits For Achieving Goals

Setting goal is really important, but what good are they if we are never achieving them? Do you find your setting goals only to never reach them? To help achieve your goals we have outlined the top 4 character traits you should work on – Perseverance, Patience, Persistence and Passion! Focussing on how to improve …Read more »

Setting 10 week goals and sticking to them

Set Achievable Goals for this Term What would you like to achieve this year? Why don’t you set yourself a small challenge or goal like getting your steps in each day, committing to a workout, taking the stairs instead of the lift when possible, making meditation a part of your everyday routine or create healthier …Read more »

How to maintain a fast metabolism as you age

Many people’s metabolic rates will decrease as they age. Not many people understand why this happens. It can be frustrating when you feel powerless to the changes your body makes – but don’t worry! There are steps that you can take to reignite your metabolism. In this post, we’re going to walk you through the …Read more »

Why the key to change is repetition

It’s no secret that repetition builds mental and physical strength. So make it the key for greater change! Not only can it help improve cognitive skills like your memory, problem solving, attention to detail and concentration, but through repeated exercise you can improve your fitness and health as well. So whether you are committing to …Read more »