Six Steps for Longer Lasting Energy

What you put inside your body is one of the most important things that impact how much energy you have throughout the day! We have provided you with six easy steps to reduce fatigue, prevent the slump and improve your energy! Remember this is not an overnight fix, try making these small changes and see …Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Energy Levels and Carbs

How carbohydrates can both boost and plummet your energy levels Busy lifestyles, demanding jobs, kids and poor sleep patterns can be a cause of low energy levels and fatigue. One major thing that is usually not considered to be the cause of low energy levels is your eating. What you’re putting inside your body can …Read more »

Post Workout Brekkie With a Buddy

Find out how to maximise you and your partner’s workout. Training with a buddy can be more motivating, as you have a higher chance of actually showing up if you have a friend relying on you to be there. It can make the whole experience more enjoyable, as you encourage each other and laugh together. …Read more »

Gut Bacteria – the Secret to Gut Health

Why your happiness relies on the happiness of these little guys. Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria. These little guys are constantly busy making messages that travel throughout your body, including to your brain. These messages to your brain can be signals that make you happy, sad, or hungry, depending on the type …Read more »

Buddy up: 5 ways to convince a friend to workout with you

It’s no secret that doing exercise is important for a healthy life. But just because we know exercise is good for us, does that make us want to do it? Finding motivation can be difficult, especially as we gear up for the colder, darker months of the year. That’s why we encourage the ‘buddy system’. …Read more »

Boost your Mood with Food

It’s common for us to reach for the tub of ice cream when feeling down. A scoop of ice cream is fine here and there, however, if we are alone and feeling sad, then one scoop can easily turn into the whole tub. For a moment of temporary relief, we are generally left off feeling …Read more »

6 Secrets to Fixing a Sore Back

It is time to do something about your back pain! Having a sore back can be a huge pain (no pun intended). Every day we are subconsciously using our back and putting it through copious amounts of strain. Carrying groceries, picking up our children, tending to the garden, taking the rubbish bins out – you …Read more »

Maintaining Muscle Mass while Ageing

Tips for living your best and longest life. One of the most important things we need to do as we age is maintain our muscle mass. Having enough muscle can reduce the risk of some diseases like diabetes and heart disease. They also improve strength, balance and mobility, which reduces risk of falls and fractures. …Read more »

Having Good Posture can do What!?

8 Crazy Benefits of Good Posture Take a minute to examine your posture right now as you read this. Are you slouching, or sitting up straight? You may not realise it, but we use posture in all daily movements. We use our posture when we stand in line, sit at our desk, pick up our …Read more »

Eating for Strength

Never Underestimate the Importance of Strength! Protein is important for maintaining and building muscle mass, especially teamed up with strength exercise, like in your Live Life Get Active cross-training classes. Why is Muscle mass important? improves your strength, protecting you from injury improves your posture, balance and mobility improves your stamina throughout day to day …Read more »