7 reasons to get outdoors and exercise

We know that exercising regularly is good for keeping your bones, heart and mind healthy, but did you know the benefits exercise when you choose to do it outside? Getting a daily dose of sun and moving outdoors increases the level of serotonin in our bodies helping us to feel happy. We have put together some …Read more »

8 Ways to Improve your Self-Esteem

In its most basic terms, self-esteem is your opinion of yourself and your abilities. It can be high, low or somewhere in-between. Our self-esteem can be manipulated in many ways so it is important to take time to work on your self-esteem just as you would your physical health through exercise. We have outlined 9 …Read more »

A Beginners Guide to Meditation

What is Meditation? Put simply, meditation is an attention skill, a skill that makes it possible for us to take responsibility for our own states of mind, and change them for the better.  There are many forms of meditation that encourage concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and a sense of calm. By practising meditation, you are …Read more »

6 Forms Of Exercise To Add To Your Life

Exercise is for Everyone We know that it can be hard to get started on a fitness journey if you haven’t exercised before, have taken a break or are thinking of changing up your usual workout routine. Our classes are designed so that people of all fitness and skill levels can achieve an effective and …Read more »

Do’s And Dont’s For A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep and your health and well-being work hand in hand. This is why it’s extremely important to get a good quality sleep every night (7-8 hours). Think of your body like a factory, as you drift off to sleep it moves into night shift. During this time, a lot of important processing, restoration and strengthening …Read more »

How To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

An overall healthy lifestyle is key to a healthy immune system! What exactly is the immune system? Your immune system is your first line of defence for invading bugs that can make you sick. It is made up of a vast network of immune cells that act like soldiers ready to attack any enemies. These …Read more »

6 tips to keep you motivated in winter

Have the winter blues got you feeling unmotivated? Winter is almost here and when it’s cold it can be hard to stay motivated about your fitness. We tend to take on a “snuggle up” mentality meaning we eat more and do less – human hibernation! Regularly exercising during the colder months helps to create the body …Read more »

Can you Boost your Brain Power with Food? A closer look at Omega 3

By looking after our noggin, we will have the best chance of living a long, good quality and sharper life. It will also help us think more clearly day to day. Research is showing how important certain nutrients are in preserving our brain health and keeping us sharp, especially as we approach our elderly years. …Read more »

5 Brain Exercises To Keep Your Mind and Memory Sharp

Been feeling a bit fuzzy every now and again? We might be able to help you with that! Keeping your mind active and sharp is crucial to improve memory, focus and daily function, especially as we age. But it doesn’t have to be a chore, in fact we’ve come up with a bunch of handy …Read more »

Tips For Targeting Thighs, Bums and Tums

Tummy, Bums, Thighs… Legs, Butts, Tums… However, you want to say it, there is no denying that these are the areas many of us want to improve but may choose to avoid. We have put together nine of our best tips (three for each body part), to help you achieve results as this areas of your …Read more »