How To Host The BEST ‘Bring-A-Plate’ Party

Hosting a ‘Bring-a-Plate’ party is a fantastic way to bring friends and loved ones together, enjoy a spread of dishes, and foster meaningful social connections. By incorporating a mouth-watering hearty dish and creating an inviting atmosphere, you can host the ultimate event that leaves everyone feeling satisfied and connected. Here are some tips to make …Read more »

The Importance of Social Connections for Your Overall Health

These days, it may be easy to feel disconnected from the world or alone, even more so if you’re struggling with your physical or mental health. If you are, know that you’re not alone. Building strong social connections and interactions can help fight these negative feelings and impacts. Humans are social creatures by nature, making …Read more »

5 Food Swaps to Reduce Menopause Symptoms

During menopause, your metabolism tends to slow down, meaning your body burns less energy throughout the day than it used to. Because of this, you’re at a higher risk of storing and accumulating fat if you don’t make dietary changes and continue to eat as you did before. It is important that, during menopause, you …Read more »

How to maintain a fast metabolism as you age

Many people’s metabolic rates will decrease as they age. Not many people understand why this happens. It can be frustrating when you feel powerless to the changes your body makes – but don’t worry! There are steps that you can take to reignite your metabolism. In this post, we’re going to walk you through the …Read more »

The Secret Ingredient to Boost Your Metabolism During Menopause

During menopause, your body begins to produce less estrogen. This can result in a lower metabolic rate, as well as symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. This means that your body requires less food to maintain its current weight. This means that your chances of weight gain increase if your food intake remains the …Read more »

The Truth About Weight Gain During Menopause

As we age, our bodies go through various changes. Menopause is one of the most significant transitions that women face. This period can be physically and emotionally challenging, with weight gain being one of the most common issues. In this article, we’ll discuss the truth about weight gain during menopause and offer tips on maintaining …Read more »

5 Foods to Go From Sleepy to Supercharged

Do you wake up feeling tired, or refreshed? The quality of your diet and how often you’re refueling throughout the day can effect how well you bounce back from a poor night’s sleep. When you’re fatigued, you often crave ultra-processed snacks, such as chips, sweets and fried foods. The reason you crave these foods is …Read more »

Do’s And Dont’s For A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep and your health and well-being work hand in hand. This is why it’s extremely important to get a good quality sleep every night (7-8 hours). Think of your body like a factory, as you drift off to sleep it moves into night shift. During this time, a lot of important processing, restoration and strengthening …Read more »

Eat These 5 Foods for a Better Night’s Sleep

Changing your habits or environment to improve your sleep quality, such as creating a consistent sleep schedule or playing relaxing music before bed, contribute to an important practice known as ‘sleep hygiene’. Improving your sleep hygiene can help you get better, more restorative sleep each night. Diet and nutrition can have a major influence over …Read more »

10 Surprising Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of life, with most experts recommending seven to nine hours every single night. Sleep represents roughly one-third of your life, and it affects the other two-thirds in every possible way. From how you move to what you think, short-term energy to long-term health; setting up good sleeping habits is one …Read more »