Are There ‘Good’ And ‘Bad’ Foods?

How you talk and think about what you consume has a massive impact on your relationship with food. There are many words and phrases that can result in a negative relationship with food. We often label foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We may call nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, as ‘good’. …Read more »

10 Self-Improvement Challenges for Healthier Habits

Self-improvement is a practice that takes a lifetime to master. In fact, as we grow older we should always be seeking personal growth as we continue our journeys of learning and development. But the truth is, that comes with challenges. And, while some people shy away from challenges or things that make them uncomfortable, it’s …Read more »

5 Lifestyle Changes with Big Outcomes

Did you know that some habits you consider harmless can affect your well-being? If you get used to a bad habit, you might see it as a part of life, especially if it is common in society. You can choose to break all these habits even if you have not yet experienced their harmful effects. …Read more »

Setting Long Term Healthy Eating Goals

Most people think they need to make drastic changes to their eating and go on a ‘diet’ to lose weight. Making such a huge change, usually means too much restriction on food, more time involved in prepping food, less enjoyment of food then BOOM it’s all too much pressure, you cave and end up bingeing on something …Read more »

4 Steps To Create Healthier Habits in 2023

The strength of your habits is found to correlate to behaviour change. Habits are used to ‘bridge the gap‘ between intention of changing a behaviour, to the action of actually changing it. Strong, positive habits are imperative when your motivation is low. There are four stages of changing a behaviour:  1. Contemplation This is the …Read more »

5 Ways To Visualise Success

Setting goals in life is important, no matter whether it’s in the immediate or distant future. But the truth is, sometimes achieving goals can seem pretty daunting and leave you wondering how you can ensure your goals aren’t just words but become actions. That’s where visualisation comes in. What is visualisation? Confidence is key when …Read more »

Why People Who Keep A Daily Diary Have Healthier Habits

Planning is all about preparation, and with preparation comes organisation. In times of uncertainty creating a routine gives you tasks you can tick off and feel a sense of accomplishment. Set the foundation of this term by finding an effective way to plan that works for you. If you are naturally very organised or need …Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Energy Levels and Carbs

How carbohydrates can both boost and plummet your energy levels Busy lifestyles, demanding jobs, kids and poor sleep patterns can be a cause of low energy levels and fatigue. One major reason that is usually overlooked is your eating. What you’re putting inside your body can be directly related to how much energy you have …Read more »

How Journaling For 5 Minutes A Day Will Change Your Life

Journaling means different things to different people. Some enjoy writing their thoughts out on paper and working through their anxieties or fears, some see it as a meditative practice while others might see it as a path to a more organised life. Whatever it is that has drawn you to journaling, when kept up regularly …Read more »

5 Steps To Create A Healthy, Balanced Meal

There is a misconception that making a healthy meal needs to include expensive ingredients and ‘superfoods’, however this is far from true! To have a healthy relationship with food, we need to be okay with providing our body all foods and not feeling restricted. See below our step-by-step framework to create a healthy and balanced …Read more »