9 Foods That Can Increase Your Motivation & Happiness

As the vibrant colours of spring start to bloom, it’s the perfect time to revitalise your mood and motivation, particularly by eating dopamine-boosting foods. Dopamine is like a happy messenger in our brain. It’s a special chemical that helps us feel good and motivated. Spring is a season of renewal and growth, and what better …Read more »

What Is The Key Factor To Kickstart Motivation?

AN ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY! Goal setting is an individual process of envisioning what you would like to achieve. Although getting someone on board to keep you accountable is extremely powerful. Having an accountability partner can dramatically increase your motivation levels and ability to focus. Your accountability partner could be anyone you trust and respect, such as …Read more »

How to Turn Procrastination into Motivation

The Lazy Workout Guide to Overcome Procrastination Working out sounds great and all – until you get down to actually doing it! That’s when the excuses come in. It’s either too cold to go outside, too windy to run, or your in-park class seems too far. Sound like something you’d say? We’ve all been there. …Read more »

How to Meet New Friends and Make Connections in your Community

Friendships reduce feelings of loneliness Making new friends is always exciting. Everyone loves to be around like-minded people and form connections that can last for life. Meeting new people and making lasting connections is sometimes difficult – but it doesn’t have to be! Being social and spending time with friends can make a world of …Read more »

12 Freezer Friendly Meals to Save Time & Money

We all know the struggle. It’s the end of a long day, the fridge looks bare and the delivery app icons on your phone practically scream your name. But what if you had a stash of delicious, healthy meals ready to pop in the oven (or microwave)? Enter the magic of freezer friendly cooking! These …Read more »

Breaking Fast: Your Comprehensive Brekkie Handbook

Are you a breakfast lover, or do you prefer to start your day on an empty stomach? Regardless of where you fall on the breakfast spectrum, there’s no denying the significance of the first meal of the day. From setting the tone for your morning to influencing your overall health, breakfast plays a crucial role …Read more »

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others & Find Happiness

Have you ever caught yourself in a never-ending loop of comparison with others? You know, the classic “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome? It’s a trap we’ve all fallen into at some point. We scroll through social media, peek over the neighbour’s fence, or overhear a colleague’s success story, and suddenly, our own life seems …Read more »

Could Late Night Snacking Disrupt your Circadian Rhythm, Sleep and Health?

Late night snacking has become a common habit for many, often involving a sugary treat like chocolate. However, the timing of our meals can impact our health and sleep. Let’s explore the consequences of late night eating, especially indulging in high sugar foods, and discuss the ideal time to stop eating for better health and …Read more »

How to Get Better Sleep (At Every Age)

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your overall health and wellbeing, but the strategies for achieving quality rest can vary depending on your age. Ageing affects your ‘circadian rhythm’ – which is basically your body’s internal clock that decides when you should sleep and wake up. These changes often lead to spending less …Read more »

12 Snooze Worthy Recipes: The Ultimate Sleep Promoting Foods

Good sleep is like the holy grail of wellbeing. It’s the magical elixir that boosts your energy, sharpens your focus, enhances memory, keeps your mood in check, and even influences those late night cravings and your metabolism. However, what and when you eat can play a big role in how well you sleep. How soon …Read more »