How to Make Healthy Eating Simple

The Truth on Healthy Eating: Healthy eating doesn’t require ‘superfoods’ or expensive and fancy ingredients. Just simple food in its whole form. Every ‘diet’ you see out there has 3 things in common: Lowering kilojoule (calorie) intake Cutting out junk food Eating more vegetables! So ignore the diets, and just fill your plate up with …Read more »

How Living a Simple Life Can Mean a Happy Life

It’s the little things in life that count Living a simple life is as simple as acknowledging and appreciating the simple things – a bit of a tongue twister there for you! If you stop and feel the morning sun on your face while sipping your cuppa, then think about how grateful you are for …Read more »

Can you Boost your Brain Power with Food? A closer look at Omega 3

By looking after our noggin, we will have the best chance of living a long, good quality and sharper life. It will also help us think more clearly day to day. Research is showing how important certain nutrients are in preserving our brain health and keeping us sharp, especially as we approach our elderly years. …Read more »

How to Get Rid of the Fog

Are you feeling a bit foggy and fatigued? Well you’re not alone! When our calmness and focus relies on our daily routines and this structure is disrupted, it can leave us feeling a bit foggy and anxious. If you’ve had to transition to working from home or if you are living with someone who has, …Read more »

10 Foods and Nutrients That Can Improve How You’re Feeling

Food helps you feel better! Healthy foods are full of nutrients that help your brain function well and your mind feel good. Each of these nutrients play lots of different roles inside our bodies to achieve this. When you eat food, your gut breaks it down into separate nutrients and chemicals that get sent around …Read more »

How to ask ‘R U OK’ and How to Listen.

Three simple words can make a world of difference… are you okay? As a part of R U OK? day this week, we want to help encourage meaningful conversations that will help people open up and feel supported. As R U OK? say, “a conversation could change a life.” Am I OK? Before you can …Read more »

Why Legumes Might be Key to a Long Healthy Life

Legumes include lentils, chickpeas, peas and a range of beans like black beans, kidney beans, white beans and soybeans. They are a nutrient powerhouse jampacked full of fibre, protein, B vitamins, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, folate and phosphorus. Keep reading to see just what all of these nutrition’s in legumes can do! 5 reasons …Read more »

4 Simple Strategies to Ease an Anxious Mind

Anxiety is a common part of life for many people. For some, feeling anxious comes and goes, while with others it can stick around a little longer. In fact, according to the Black Dog Institute anxiety is the most common mental health issue for Australians. But there are ways to manage and stop feelings of …Read more »

How often should I exercise to see results?

It can be hard to know how often you need to exercise. If you are new to exercise it’s a good idea to take it in small steps and let your body gets used to all the new movements. But don’t worry, soreness after your workout is totally normal! Exercise does so much more than …Read more »

Can You Eat ‘Treats’ and Still be Healthy?

‘Sometimes’ Foods You probably often hear that it’s okay to have treats ‘here and there’ or it’s all about ‘balance’ and ‘moderation.’ Well, this is very true, but how do you know exactly how often ‘here and there’ is? Or exactly how much chocolate is okay to eat in ‘moderation.’ We asked our resident nutritionist, …Read more »