Eating Tips to Improve Strength and Endurance

Fuelling your body with a small snack or a light meal before your cross-training and boxing classes will help improve your strength, endurance and recovery. WHY eat before a workout? o Gives your body quick access to energy to use for lifting heavier weights and moving faster. o Helps you last longer i.e. improves your …Read more »

A Beginners Guide to Meditation

What is Meditation? Put simply, meditation is an attention skill, a skill that makes it possible for us to take responsibility for our own states of mind, and change them for the better.  There are many forms of meditation that encourage concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and a sense of calm. By practising meditation, you are …Read more »

Unexpected Foods that can be Healthy

Healthy eating is all about being more mindful of your food choices and portion sizes. It doesn’t mean you have to cut out any of your favourite foods whether it be cheese or pasta. It’s about balancing healthy amounts of these foods with a good amount of vegetables, wholegrains, protein and healthy fats. Check out …Read more »

What is Mindfulness and Can it Help Me?

Mindfulness is something we are always hearing about in 2019, but what is mindfulness and how can it help me? Let’s keep it simple.  What does it mean? Most importantly, being mindful doesn’t require changing who we are, instead, it’s about developing and nourishing the best of who we can be while allowing our minds …Read more »

3 Mindful Tips to Change your Relationship with Food

Distraction Can Mean Overeating! Are you constantly asking yourself “why can’t I just have one piece of chocolate instead of devouring the entire block?” or “where did that giant bowl of pasta go? I barely remember eating it?” We live in a world where we are always on the go, distracted by technology and worrying …Read more »

5 Food Traps that can Sabotage your Goals

You may be kicking goals with your fitness and attending lots of classes, but if you are not noticing many changes, it may be because you are falling into some of these common food traps! Drinking Sports or Energy Drinks Drinks like Powerade and Red bull are marketed as ‘hydrating’ and ‘high energy’ to help …Read more »

What to Consider When Setting Nutritional Goals

Diets don’t work ‘Diets’ and tight food restrictions put too much pressure on you, which is why you may cave and grab a cookie from the cookie jar… then maybe another… and another… and another. The reason this happens is because you have labelled it as “bad” and “forbidden” which makes the humble cookie so …Read more »

How Much Should I Be Exercising?

When it comes to determining how often you should be exercising there is no simple formula (unfortunately) that will work for everyone. However, we are here to help! Figuring out what will work for you begins with identifying how active you already are. Take a moment to consider the below 3 categories to decide how …Read more »

Homemade BBQ Chicken vs. Takeaway BBY Chicken

Did you know That 1 serving size of a family takeaway BBQ chicken meal can have: nearly DOUBLE the amount of the average Australian’s DAILY Kilojoule allowance 6 times the amount of your DAILY limit of salt up to 20 teaspoons of added sugar Just in one meal! It may feel as though your family …Read more »

Setting 10 Week Health Goals

Setting Achievable Goals for this Term Coming into the start of term three, it is important to think about goals. Live Life Get Active understands that goals and goal setting can seem daunting, especially since we are often not taught how to effectively set them. This term, we’d like to change that! Beginning with term 3 we …Read more »