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Cooking Healthy Takeaway Food for Men

Unfortunately, gentlemen, you are at higher risk of developing certain diseases including heart disease and some cancers, compared to women. Heart disease is the biggest killer in Australia. Other than being a man, unhealthy eating and being overweight are some of the biggest risk factors contributing to heart disease. Hidden nasties in your favourite foods …Read more »

Helping Men Handle Depression

At Live Life Get Active, we know how much depression can affect any individual, regardless of gender. However, as it’s Men’s Health Week, we want to talk about depression in men, and how difficult getting help can be. If you know of someone suffering from depression, don’t let them keep feeling alone. There is so …Read more »

World Diabetes Day 2018: From Awareness to Prevention

Diabetes is said to be the epidemic of the 21st century. The facts are staggering. In Australia alone there are 280 new cases are diagnosed each day. With 1.7 million Australians having diabetes, this includes all types. Type 1, 2 and gestational. But what is really worrying is that 2 million Australians are at high …Read more »

How to Eat to Reduce your Risk of Diabetes

Lifestyle factors are a major cause of Type 2 Diabetes. Being overweight (particularly that toxic belly fat) is driving our bodies to a state of havoc, where our hormones stop working properly and toxic things start to build up in our bodies. This is the gateway to diabetes and heart disease! Did you know that …Read more »

5 Time Saving Tips for Healthy Eating

One of the biggest reasons we are struggling to keep that extra weight off our thighs, bums and tums is because we live such busy lifestyles running around after kids, working full time and fitting in exercise, leaving little time to cook and prepare meals. Pre-packaged meals and takeaways are not only a quick way …Read more »

9 of our Best Thighs, Bums and Tums Tips!

Tummy, Bums, Thighs… Legs, Butts, Tums… However, you want to say it, there is no denying that these are the areas many of us want to improve! That is why we have put together nine of our best tips (three for each body part), to help achieve your dream results. Leg Tips Lunges are your …Read more »

Giving Stress the Boot: Why is Exercise so Good at Relieving Stress

We all know how important exercise is for lowering our chance of disease and injury, but did you know that exercise is one of the best ways at reducing stress levels? Without costing a thing, stress can be managed with as little as 20 minutes of exercise a day, and at Live Life Get Active …Read more »

Stress Eating – The Healthy Way

Reaching for the cookie jar is normal when feeling stressed. Stress causes our bodies to release hormones that make us hungry – especially for foods high in sugar, fat and salt! However, the way these foods break down in your body leave you feeling worse! But, there are some foods that work certain magic inside …Read more »

5 Things you Need to Know About Core

What is your core? Did you know that your core is so much more than abs? While we think of the sculpted movie star six pack when we think of core, the core actually wraps around your whole body like a seatbelt. It is connected to your spine, bum, legs and chest, and like a …Read more »

Beat that Toxic Belly Fat!

Having a 6-pack is unrealistic for most of us. However, it is important we have a healthy waistline, as too much belly fat is dangerous to our health. Why is Belly Fat is Toxic? Belly fat wraps around your important organs like your heart and kidneys. This fat is not just sitting there like fat …Read more »