7 Best Foods to Beat Belly Fat!

Check out these 7 foods to help combat that belly fat, by adding them to a balanced diet. Realistically, no single food will magically make belly fat disappear. But, there are some foods out there that can assist with weight loss! Too much belly fat can be very toxic and can lead to many health …Read more »

While abs are good, its all about the CORE!

Believe it or not, having a washboard stomach isn’t a symbol of achieving peak fitness. While having abs or a flat stomach may look nice, it’s important to remember the benefits underneath the skin. What is your core? Did you know that your core is so much more than abs? While we think of the …Read more »

Added sugars adding to your waistline

Sugar has recently been in the spotlight as ‘TOXIC.’ A little sugar is not bad for you, however, the massive quantities we are consuming today due to the added sugars in lots of our foods and beverages can have negative effects on our waistline and health.  Sugar on its own provides no nutritional value as it has no vitamins, minerals or fibre. Sugar provides us with energy (kilojoules). Because …Read more »

The Best Pre-workout Snacks

It’s important you have the right fuel in your body before your exercise classes. This is to ensure you have enough energy to perform at your best ability as well as prevent you from feeling light headed, dizzy, nauseated and fatigued – particularly in high intensity classes like cross-training and boxing! How long before a …Read more »

Setting Long Term Healthy Eating Goals

Most people think they need to make drastic changes to their eating and go on a ‘diet’ to lose weight. Making such a huge change, usually means too much restriction on food, more time involved in prepping food, less enjoyment of food then BOOM it’s all too much pressure, you cave and end up bingeing on something …Read more »

Goal Setting for a Fitter, Healthier and Happier Life

For many of us, a New Year means a fresh start. It’s a time to feel inspired to create new goals and fulfil our ambitions. We want to help motivate you to create goals for 2019 that will make you a fitter, healthier and happier person. We aren’t going to sit here and act like …Read more »

How to Boost your Metabolism!

What is your metabolism? Your metabolism refers to how fast your body burns the energy from the food you eat. Think of it as the engine to a car, burning fuel to keep it running. Your metabolism is constantly running to keep your body doing the simple things like breathing to the extreme things like …Read more »

Making Meals Fun for You and the Kids!

Stop healthy eating being thought of as ‘boring’ eating. Quite often, healthy eating is thought of as a ‘boring’ way of eating. This is just not true. A bit of creativity can go a long way! Just look at this week’s recipe – its basically dessert for breakfast and only takes a few minutes to …Read more »

How to Approach Healthy Eating in the New Year.

Be Realistic and Keep it Simple Most of us feel like we need to be extra healthy after indulging over Christmas. Some of us also want to start the new year with a new ‘diet’ or a ‘detox.’ We prefer to stay away from these words. Yes, we could all do with more healthy eating …Read more »

Recipe Blog: How to Indulge without Overindulging

Christmas is an indulgent time of year, so we’re not going to tell you to avoid your favourite Christmas treats – we certainly won’t be! However, we do have a few tips to prevent going overboard when it comes to eating over the festive period! Lose the “I’ll start my diet in the New Year” …Read more »