• IT’S ALL FREEWelcome to Live Life Get Active

  • IT’S ALL FREEWelcome to Live Life Get Active

Welcome to a Fitter, Healthier, Happier Australia

Live Life Get Active is a registered health promotion charity that specifically looks at addressing health, fitness and happiness issues facing people today. Issues such as obesity, diabetes, mental health, and illness recovery.

We also seek to address the growing issue of social disconnection by bringing all sorts of people together and providing them with a sense of belonging in a welcoming environment. We do this by offering both online and in-park support to our members.


Our in-park offering consists of free outdoor exercise camps provided by professionally qualified personal trainers and yogis. We have camps nationwide and anyone is free to join, all they have to do is register via this website.

Also found on this site is support in the way of online fitness, nutrition and mind & mood. Both members and non-members can access a huge library of content videos. Simply follow the links on our homepage to get started.


Workout at Home ➜

We have adapted our product offering so you can work out at home either alone or with other members of the household. There is lots of variety with new sessions available daily.

Workout Outdoors ➜

This is our in park offering, where you can find locations across the country as well as learn about our three classes. Active Yoga, Active Training and Active Boxing.


Professional Nutritional Plans ➜

All members get a professionally developed nutritional plan. Plans are based on age, gender, weight, waist, activity level and goals. Login to download a nutrition plan to meet your needs.

Ongoing Nutritional Inspirations ➜

Our in-house nutritionists & dietitians provide ongoing inspiration through recipes, fun facts & handy hints. There is always something new to try and we are very budget conscious.


Make New Friends

Our members come together from all different backgrounds. Make new friends in park or online, everyone at Live Life Get Active is friendly and welcoming.

Relaxed Mind & Better Mood ➜

Learning to relax your mind is important and we have got some great people waiting to show you how these simple routines can help you cope and refocus.


Set Goals ➜

Download our healthy habits checklist for some inspiration to help you reach your fitness, health and mind goals.

Create a Daily Schedule ➜

Download this template to create a daily schedule. This will help you plan your week and ensure you make time for your body and your mind.