• IT’S ALL FREEWelcome to Live Life Get Active

  • IT’S ALL FREEWelcome to Live Life Get Active

Welcome to a Fitter, Healthier, Happier Australia

Live Life Get Active is a not for profit charity that specifically looks at addressing health, fitness and happiness issues facing people today. Issues such as obesity, diabetes, mental health, and illness recovery.

We also seek to address the growing issue of social disconnection by bringing all sorts of people together and providing them with a sense of belonging in a welcoming environment. Think of us as a “whole of community” initiative.

Our proposition is simple, get people up, moving by offering FREE group outdoor exercise camps in local parks, local clubs or business areas. Make them aware of their health issues, their lifestyle behaviours and get them to review how they eat.

Live Life Get Active does this by providing FREE daily activity camps. FREE professionally tailored nutritional programs and FREE face-to-face personal fitness coaching to support a true path of positive change. We provide all the equipment so all you need to bring is yourself.


Active X Training ➜

This training technique, combines a wide variety of exercises that push you to give your very best.

Active Boxing ➜

Our Boxing classes are one of the most effective methods to not only lose weight but to tone muscles and build strength.

Active Yoga ➜

Our classes are designed to increase flexibility, reduce stress and the risk of injury.


The trainers we recruit are fun, encouraging, highly certified professionals and actively want to help.


Tailored Nutritional Plans

We provide all members with tailored and professionally developed nutritional plans. These plans are based on age, gender, weight waist, activity level and goals.

Ongoing Nutritional Inspirations

Our team of nutritionists provide ongoing inspiration through recipes, fun facts and handy hints. There is always something new to try and we are very budget conscious.


Make new friends

One of the key objectives of our offering is to connect people within their own communities.

Exercise Outdoors + Good Nutrition = A Happier You!

Exercising outdoors is a great way to release your happy chemicals and clear the mind of negative thoughts. Coupled with a more nutritious diet helps ensure positive thinking and energy.


Working in a group

The best thing about working in a group is the support you provide one another, you encourage each other, you laugh together and work towards a common goal.

Setting goals

Setting a goal is very important. Once you set the goal we will help you with a plan to achieve it, we will monitor your progress and celebrate with you once you get there.