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6 Tips To Help Find Your Balance

Life is a balancing act. From work to exercise, socialising to me-time the list can sometimes feel never-ending. That’s why it’s important to find a better balance in your life, especially when it comes to work and life. What is a work life balance? There are only so many minutes in a day. A ‘work …Read more »

How To Reduce Stress By Doing Less

Feeling stressed? It’s time to slow things down. By taking the time to slow down, move steadily and do less, over time you’re actually increasing your chance of living a longer, happier life. In fact, when we are stressed not only does it impact our emotions (like causing anxiety, depression, anger etc) it can also …Read more »

3 Tips To Shape & Sharpen Your Mind

Mindfulness is a practice that can be learnt and developed overtime with some simple steps. In fact, it can be as easy as making a few tweaks to your current daily routine. But what is mindfulness and why is it important, you ask? Well, mindfulness is about self-awareness and comes in a range of forms. …Read more »

Why the key to change is repetition

It’s no secret that repetition builds mental and physical strength. So make it the key for greater change! Not only can it help improve cognitive skills like your memory, problem solving, attention to detail and concentration, but through repeated exercise you can improve your fitness and health as well. So whether you are committing to …Read more »

10 ways to challenge yourself for self-improvement

Self-improvement is a practice that lasts a lifetime. In fact, as we grow older we should always be seeking personal growth as we continue our journeys of learning and development. But the truth is, that comes with challenges. And while some people shy away from challenges or things that make them uncomfortable, it’s important to …Read more »

How Journaling For 5 Minutes A Day Will Change Your Life

Journaling means different things to different people. Some enjoy writing their thoughts out on paper and working through their anxieties or fears, some see it as a meditative practice while others might see it as a path to a more organised life. Whatever it is that has drawn you to journaling, when kept up regularly …Read more »

6 effective ways to get rid of stubborn inner thigh fat

Dreaming of thinner, slimmer summer legs? Struggling to tone your thighs? We can help! The truth is, we all have stubborn areas of fat on our body we struggle to get rid of, and for some that just happens to be the thighs. And with warmer seasons on the horizon, you may be thinking it’s …Read more »

Do This 1 Exercise Daily To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

DID YOU KNOW? Both men and women have Pelvic Floor muscles? The Pelvic Floor is part of our CORE muscles? Improving Pelvic Floor muscles can improve overall wellbeing and targeting this commonly neglected muscle group has life-changing benefits. We asked our qualified pilates instructor Claudia on why working your pelvic floor is so important and how …Read more »

Why People Who Keep A Daily Diary Have Healthier Habits

Planning is all about preparation, and with preparation comes organisation. In times of uncertainty creating a routine gives you tasks you can tick off and feel a sense of accomplishment. Set the foundation of this term by finding an effective way to plan that works for you. If you are naturally very organised or need …Read more »

5 Ways To Visualise Your Success

Setting goals in life is important, no matter whether it’s in the immediate or distant future. But the truth is, sometimes achieving goals can seem pretty daunting and leave you wondering how you can ensure your goals aren’t just words but become actions. That’s where visualisation comes in. What is visualisation? Confidence is key when …Read more »