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Do’s And Dont’s For A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep and your health and well-being work hand in hand. This is why it’s extremely important to get a good quality sleep every night (7-8 hours). Think of your body like a factory, as you drift off to sleep it moves into night shift. During this time, a lot of important processing, restoration and strengthening …Read more »

10 Surprising Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of life, with most experts recommending seven to nine hours every single night. Sleep represents roughly one-third of your life, and it affects the other two-thirds in every possible way. From how you move to what you think, short-term energy to long-term health; setting up good sleeping habits is one …Read more »

How To Manage The Many ‘Hats’ We Wear Everyday

Do you ever have days when you feel like you’re juggling a million different things simultaneously? It can be tough to balance all the different roles we have in our lives; from being a parent, a partner, a friend, an employee — each one comes with its own set of challenges. That’s why it’s important …Read more »

Best Workouts for Building & Maintaining Stamina

Building stamina (or endurance) helps you to sustain physical activity for longer without getting fatigued or out-of-breath. Building and maintaining stamina levels requires consistent exercise that combines both cardio and strength training. The best workouts for building your stamina combines aerobic and strength exercises that work several parts of the body at once. Your nutrition …Read more »

The Importance of Physical and Mental Stamina

What Is the Relationship Between Physical and Mental Stamina? Mental health and physical health may be distinct concepts, but the relationship between physical fitness and mental strength has already been proven and extensively studied. The relationship between physical and emotional well-being is quite intricate. Your physical health can get better if your mental health is in good shape. Conversely, …Read more »

How to Love Yourself More for Better Self-Esteem

Self kindness and self care is the key to a positive mindset Throughout life we are told to be nice to others and “treat them like you want to be treated.” And while it is true that being mindful, compassionate and kind to others is important, it is equally, if not more essential, to practice …Read more »

Are You Unhappy With Your Shape?

The ongoing pressure to change the shape of your body can be hugely damaging to your self-esteem. This relationship with your body can lead to a process of self-punishment and feeling an overwhelming need to change it by spending months, or sometimes years, yo-yo dieting and restricting foods. Over time, this will severely damage your relationship …Read more »

7 Daily Habits to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Developing daily habits and rituals can be an incredibly powerful way to make positive changes in your life. By creating a routine you follow regularly, you will soon start to notice the benefits of improved confidence and emotional stability. The power of a habit is that once it’s established, it becomes second nature and you …Read more »

What Is The Key Factor To Kickstart Motivation?

AN ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY! Goal setting is an individual process of envisioning what you would like to achieve. Although getting someone on board to keep you accountable is extremely powerful. Having an accountability partner can dramatically increase your motivation levels and ability to focus. Your accountability partner could be anyone you trust and respect, such as …Read more »

How Affirmations Can Increase Motivation

You may have learned from experience that words have power, which is why the adage “be careful what you wish for” remains relevant to this day. This is why words of encouragement can lead you to success, while negative self-talk can result in failure. Affirmation refers to the act of affirming something or declaring it …Read more »