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How Much Protein Do You Need Each Day?

Why is protein so important? Protein is used around our body to build and repair tissue like build muscles and lots of other bodily functions. It is absolutely essential for our structural framework and to keep our organs functioning. However, we are going to focus on the importance of its role in muscle mass and …Read more »

9 Simple ways to avoid bloating

Do you find yourself feeling bloated after your meals? Both an uncomfortable feeling and subject to discuss. But it’s more common than you may think and there are some simple everyday things you can do to reduce it. Of course, there’s always the possibility you may have a food intolerance in which you should speak …Read more »

Top Tips to Beat Belly Fat

Having a 6-pack is unrealistic for most of us and the truth is ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean having a 6-pack or a flat stomach. Having some belly fat is completely normal and healthy! However, it is important to understand that too much belly fat is dangerous for our health. What are the dangers of too much …Read more »

Best Post Workout Breakfast Foods for You and Your Buddy

Maximise your workouts with a healthy brekkie Training with a buddy can be more motivating, as you have a higher chance of actually showing up if you have a friend relying on you to be there. It can make the whole experience more enjoyable, as you encourage each other and laugh together. Working out with …Read more »

How to Set Healthy Eating Goals that Stick

Change the focus to how you want to feel rather than your weight If you focus on how healthy food makes you feel rather than the scales or how you look, the rest will follow. Although maintaining a healthy weight is vital to lowering disease risk and living a longer healthier life, focusing on weight …Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Energy Levels and Carbs

How carbohydrates can both boost and plummet your energy levels Busy lifestyles, demanding jobs, kids and poor sleep patterns can be a cause of low energy levels and fatigue. One major reason that is usually overlooked is your eating. What you’re putting inside your body can be directly related to how much energy you have …Read more »

What is the Link Between your Brain, Gut and Mood?

There is so much communication going on between your gut and brain. Your gut plays a huge role in telling your brain how to feel eg happy, sad, foggy, anxious. And the food you eat impacts what your gut is going to tell your brain. Let us break it down for you. Your Brain Firstly, …Read more »

Best Nutrition Tips To Boost Your Energy This Spring

What you put inside your body is one of the most important things that impact how much energy you have throughout the day. We have provided you with six easy steps to reduce fatigue, prevent the slump and improve your energy! Remember this is not an overnight fix, try making these small changes and see …Read more »

How to Make Healthy Eating Simple

The Truth on Healthy Eating: Healthy eating doesn’t require ‘superfoods’ or expensive and fancy ingredients. Just simple food in its whole form. Every ‘diet’ you see out there has 3 things in common: Lowering kilojoule (calorie) intake Cutting out junk food Eating more vegetables! So ignore the diets, and just fill your plate up with …Read more »

Can you Boost your Brain Power with Food? A closer look at Omega 3

By looking after our noggin, we will have the best chance of living a long, good quality and sharper life. It will also help us think more clearly day to day. Research is showing how important certain nutrients are in preserving our brain health and keeping us sharp, especially as we approach our elderly years. …Read more »