What Is The Key Factor To Kickstart Motivation?


Goal setting is an individual process of envisioning what you would like to achieve. Although getting someone on board to keep you accountable is extremely powerful. Having an accountability partner can dramatically increase your motivation levels and ability to focus. Your accountability partner could be anyone you trust and respect, such as a family member, work friend, or even a professional, like a personal trainer or a doctor. 

An accountability partner could be the missing piece to your goal-achieving puzzle! Here are five reasons why you should get an accountability buddy to hold your hand through your health and fitness journey.


1. You’re more likely to complete your exercise or healthy eating regimen

Research has found that participants had a 65% chance of completing a goal if they told someone about it; however, their chances of reaching the goal increased to 95% if they committed to meeting up with that person in real life.

Consider telling someone you trust about your goals – or better yet; get them to jump on board to set goals of their own. Goals could include consistent meal planning, or even just committing to  eating breakfast every morning.


2. You’ll reach your goal quicker

Having someone with you in the challenge of reaching a similar goal sparks healthy competition. When you’re surrounded by people who are pursuing a similar goal, it keeps you motivated and accountable to reach the finish line. It will both motivate you to get started and complete the task, but it will also increase the efficiency. You and your buddy should support and inspire each other.


3. You’ll learn new skills

Having someone else join you in the goal-achieving arena will help keep your workouts fresh and interesting, forcing you out of your comfort zone and into new activities and exercises for duos. You might discover a hidden love for tennis or tandem cycling!

Try cooking healthy meals together to discover new foods and flavours while developing your culinary prowess. Check out our Teriyaki Chicken Rice Paper Rolls recipe for a tasty lunch that you and your buddy can enjoy together after a good workout!



4. You’ll change your mindset 

The way you think drives your action. Exposing yourself to other people who value health will drive you towards healthy behaviour changes. It is easier to see positive changes in ourselves when we see them reflected in others. Spending time around others on a similar health journey can give you insight and perspective into the growth and positive changes you have made on your own journey, and can also provide you with role models and aspirations. This will elevate your self-worth and drive you to reach more of your goals. 



5. You’ll have someone to celebrate with

Being able to share with someone how far you have come and receive words of support can massively boost your confidence and motivation. Whether celebrating achievements big or small; having someone to share the milestones with makes them sweeter and motivates you further along your journey. 


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