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Live Life Get Active is building a fitter, healthier and happier Australia and we want people to have fun along the way. With the help of Local Government and Corporate Australia we provide FREE health, fitness and nutritional education both online and in the parks, suburbs and cities of Australia.

Healthy Eating Basics to Set You up for the Year

First of all, why should you eat healthy? Well let us tell you! Healthy eating will help to: Improve your energy levels Improve your workout performance and recovery Reduce brain fog Stabilise your mood Keep your body functioning properly Reduce your risk of becoming ill and developing some diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some …Read more »

Five New Year Healthy Eating Goals for 2020

Happy New Year everyone! New Years is usually the time we are feeling most motivated to make some healthy changes to our lives. For these changes to be long term, they need to be realistic. This generally means they need to be small, so they can easily fit into your lifestyle. Healthy eating can be …Read more »

How to Make Fruity Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas! This week we have a fruity Christmas tree that can be used as a refreshing (as well as nutritious) addition to the Christmas table. Also, it looks super impressive…in a rustic kind of way. Constructing this Christmas tree is a fun activity for the kids to get involved in!   Follow our step …Read more »

Top Tips to Beat the Holiday Bloat

The most exciting time of year is here! The work Christmas parties, the extra family and friend get-togethers plus all the food and booze that comes along with them! Such a fun and delicious time of year…however, it can come with a side of bloated belly and tummy discomfort. Here are our top tips to …Read more »

10 Tips for Staying Healthy during the Silly Season

Summer is here, the festive season is here, and this usually means one thing – lots of celebrating with lot’s of food! Christmas treats are definitely to be enjoyed. But, it is also important that we eat healthy around the festivities, so we feel good from the inside out and stay strong and healthy! Check …Read more »

Man Food that Helps Reduce your Health Risks

Mens Current Health Situation in Australia: 75% of men are obese or overweight 1 in 2 men develop cancer 5.4% men have heart disease  The Burden Unhealthy Eating has on disease in Australia An unhealthy diet is one of the major causes of disease in Australia In 2015, unhealthy eating choices contributed to: 62% of …Read more »

Snapshot of Men’s Health Risks & Nutritional Needs

When it comes to giving general healthy eating advice, it is the same for men and women: eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, wholegrain carbohydrates, lean protein and some healthy fats. There are however, some nutritional needs that differ with gender. Men’s Nutritional Needs Because men are generally of a larger stature and have more …Read more »

Type 2 Diabetes Nutrition Myths

Let us bust some myths when it comes to food and Type 2 diabetes for you. Myth #1 – Fruit is high in sugar so should be avoided Although fruit tastes sweet, it is a form of natural sugar that is accompanied by lots of fibre and antioxidants which are disease preventing! Remember to eat …Read more »

The Facts and Risks of Type 2 Diabetes

The Facts One person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes every 5 minutes in Australia Diabetes can lead to complications like blindness, amputations and heart disease. This disease is on the rise in Australia, but can be reduced with simple lifestyle changes like healthier eating and regular exercise. You may be at risk even if …Read more »

The Foundation of Healthy Eating

Eat more veggies!! We can’t preach this enough!…. Why? Because veggies are the foundation to a long, healthy and happy life! Every ‘diet’ you see out there has 3 things in common: Lowering kilojoule (calorie) intake Cutting out junk food Eating more vegetables! So ignore the diets, and just fill your plate up with more …Read more »