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Live Life Get Active is building a fitter, healthier and happier Australia and we want people to have fun along the way. With the help of Local Government and Corporate Australia we provide FREE health, fitness and nutritional education both online and in the parks, suburbs and cities of Australia.

Why Protein & Muscle Mass Maintenance is Essential

Protein and regular exercise are essential for building and maintaining your muscles (your muscle mass). We aren’t saying you need to have bulging biceps! Just a healthy amount of muscle that results from a healthy amount of high protein foods and physical activity – i.e. participating in at least 3 LLGA classes per week! Muscle …Read more »

Antioxidants –  What Are They And What Do They Do?

We hear all the time that we should be eating lots of fruit and vegetables because they are full of antioxidants. But do you know what antioxidants actually are? or what they do? What are antioxidants? Antioxidants are compounds found in certain foods that can protect our bodies from harmful chemicals. Think of them as …Read more »

6 Reasons Why Working Out in Winter is Essential

Have the winter blues got you feeling unmotivated? Winter is here and it’s cold and when it’s cold it can be hard to stay motivated about your fitness!! We tend to take on a “Snuggle up” mentality, we eat more and we do less – human hibernation! But we are not bears, we don’t need …Read more »

How to Keep your Gut Bacteria Happy and Why it’s Important

Why your happiness relies on the happiness of these little guys. Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria. These little guys are constantly busy making messages that travel throughout your body, including to your brain. These messages to your brain can be signals that make you happy, sad, or hungry, depending on the type …Read more »

How to Ease Anxiety and Uncertainties about Going Back to ‘Normal.’

Uncertain times can bring on uncertain feelings The past few months have been an emotional rollercoaster for many Australians. Whether it’s loneliness from social restrictions, nervousness about health or feelings of concern about family and loved ones. But as restrictions start to ease, the idea of re-emerging back into society, being around people again, and …Read more »

Homemade vs Takeaway Meals

Although takeaways are okay to have here and there, it’s always best to cook at home using whole and fresh foods with herbs and spices that are flavoursome and nourishing. Most takeaways have many hidden fats, sugars, salts and other additives in them which reduce their nutritional value. Our health is our priority so we …Read more »

Tools to Cope with Change and the Unknown 

Change can cause unease and uncertainty, it’s normal With the nature of the current global pandemic and social distancing restrictions being put in place, there’s been a lot of change in the world we currently live in. The truth is, change isn’t always a simple thing to grasp. In fact, it is within human nature …Read more »

How to Make Connections and Friendships in your Community

Friendships reduce feelings of loneliness Making new friends is an exciting time, as you find out more about like-minded people and form connections that can last for life. However during times like these, it may seem a little more difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Being social and having friends can make a world …Read more »

A Simple Guide to Reading Nutrition Information Labels at the Supermarket

Food labels can be a bit daunting and confusing at the supermarket. Especially when the food packaging already contains so many other messages and information with numerous health claims and benefits. These quick and simple tips will make filtering food labels a whole lot easier. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to stay …Read more »

How to Check in on Others and Why it Makes a Big Difference

The Power of Staying Connected For many Australians, catching up with friends and family is a regular and frequent part of life. However, under the current circumstances, the way we socialise and interact with others looks a little different to what it did before.  It’s important to remember that the people around you may be …Read more »