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Live Life Get Active is building a fitter, healthier and happier Australia and we want people to have fun along the way. With the help of Local Government and Corporate Australia we provide FREE health, fitness and nutritional education both online and in the parks, suburbs and cities of Australia.

10 Ways To Strengthen Your Spine

Suffering from mild back pain? Or simply feeling your spine needs some strengthening up? You’ve come to the right place. Your spine is your body’s central support structure, it allows you to do things like sit, stand, bend, twist etc. That’s why it’s crucial that it remains strong throughout your lifetime. So, how can you …Read more »

6 Tips To Help Find Your Balance

Life is a balancing act. From work to exercise, socialising to me-time the list can sometimes feel never-ending. That’s why it’s important to find a better balance in your life, especially when it comes to work and life. What is a work life balance? There are only so many minutes in a day. A ‘work …Read more »

5 Exercises To Love Your Lower Body

With summer well and truly behind us, it’s no time to let the sun set on your workout routine. In fact, what better time than right now to start loving your lower body? And we aren’t just talking about your booty… think thighs, hamstrings and calves too. So, whether you hit the gym for leg …Read more »

How To Reduce Stress By Doing Less

Feeling stressed? It’s time to slow things down. By taking the time to slow down, move steadily and do less, over time you’re actually increasing your chance of living a longer, happier life. In fact, when we are stressed not only does it impact our emotions (like causing anxiety, depression, anger etc) it can also …Read more »

3 Tips To Shape & Sharpen Your Mind

Mindfulness is a practice that can be learnt and developed overtime with some simple steps. In fact, it can be as easy as making a few tweaks to your current daily routine. But what is mindfulness and why is it important, you ask? Well, mindfulness is about self-awareness and comes in a range of forms. …Read more »

12 Foods High in Antioxidants

Everyone is busy, and eating right can be hard, especially if you’re trying to balance home, work and a budget. However, one thing you don’t want to miss out on are foods that are rich in antioxidants. These little bodyguards help protect you from disease and early ageing, and we’re happy to bring you 12 …Read more »

6 Tips To Boost Nutrition in Homemade Meals

There are small changes you can make when cooking and preparing food at home that will boost the nutrition in your food. What will you get out of increasing the nutritional value of your meals? better mood more energy more confidence less brain fog stronger muscles and bones nice skin and hair lower risk of …Read more »

Why the key to change is repetition

It’s no secret that repetition builds mental and physical strength. So make it the key for greater change! Not only can it help improve cognitive skills like your memory, problem solving, attention to detail and concentration, but through repeated exercise you can improve your fitness and health as well. So whether you are committing to …Read more »

10 Healthy Eating Tips For Stronger Guns and Bums

Exercising is a great way to help strengthen and tone up these areas! But this should be accompanied by healthy eating habits to see the best results. Check out our top ten tips to help complement your workouts targeted at these areas. Drink more water Keep a water bottle on you to sip from throughout …Read more »

Do these 5 things to grow your glutes

Is a better and stronger backside on your wishlist for 2022? Well, it’s time to take action! But first things first… Why is having strong glutes important? While having a ‘good bum’ may sound like something superficial there are actually a range of health benefits to having strong glutes. The glutes are actually made up …Read more »