When Live Life Get Active creates a camp in a new community it needs the support of 2 key partners. A commercial partner that funds the camp’s activities for the year and usually a council partner that provides the free use of an open space, in a safe location for us to use. Sometimes they are one in the same.

It is the commitment and vision of these partners that enables us to build fitter, healthier and happier communities right across Australia.

We also connect with highly credentialed health and wellbeing partners, these relationships are national and provide us with education, knowledge, services and support it help our members make better choices in their quest for healthier and happier lives.

Please follow the links below to learn more about our commercial, council and health and wellbeing partners.

Our commercial partners fund the full offering of the camp, this includes equipment, trainers, promotion, nutritional plans and reporting. Learn more about their efforts here.

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Our council partners support and promote our offering as well as providing us with access to the parklands on which our camps are conducted. They also help in sourcing local trainers and in some cases they fund the camps. Learn more about their efforts here.

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The Fit for Life foundation is dedicated to promoting healthy and active ageing, as well as fostering independent mobility among older populations in ageing societies globally.

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State Trustees actively contribute to positive transformations in the lives of vulnerable individuals within the Victorian community.

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Live Life Get Active is very proud to have been recognized by the Green Building Council of Australia as a service that builds positive, healthy and connected communities. Learn how Live Life Get Active can help earn points for your residential or business communities. Download PDF.

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In a very short time we have had the most amazing response from local councils and businesses that want to make a difference to the fitness of our country. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in helping us enlarge our footprint.