5 tips to avoid ‘snaccidents’

Most of us are probably guilty of a snaccident! This could be ‘accidentally’ eating a family sized block of chocolate, a tub of ice cream, a family sized bag of chips or the whole pizza.

A snaccident could happen for many reasons. We may let ourselves get too hungry, we might be stressed or we are just bored.

The odd snaccident here and there is okay, we all do it. But, if you are finding yourself ‘snaccident-ing’ a little too regularly we have some quick fix tips to help prevent too many future snaccident episodes.

1. Buy individually wrapped pre-portioned ‘snaccident’ foods

Purchase your regular ‘snaccident’ foods in pre-portioned sizes for example ‘fun sized’ share packets of chocolate bars and chips, or individually wrapped ice cream bars over the big family sized versions. This means you can remove one portion from the packet, leave the rest in the pantry and enjoy one well portioned treat without guilt.

If your regular snaccident food does not come in induavidually pre-wrapped portion sizes, then you can always split it up and wrap it up yourself.

You’ll be surprised how much a wrapper can prevent you from overeating!

2. Eat from a plate instead of the whole packet

If your regular snaccident food comes in a big box, tub or packet, instead of taking the whole box to the couch, remove a small portion, place it on a plate, put the rest of it away and enjoy your well portioned treat without guilt.

You are less likely to overeat if you have a small portion on a plate sitting infront of you instead of the whole packet!

3. Combine your snaccident food with something filling and healthy

Combining your snaccident food with something filling and healthy, should help to fill up your tummy so you don’t go reaching for more. For example have some fruit on the side of your well-portioned piece of cholocate. The fibre in the fruit will fill you up as well as provide your body with nutrients. Other options could be having veggies on the side of pizza or a yoghurt along with any other snack.

4. Ensure your ‘snaccident’ foods are not easily visible.

If your snaccident foods are staring you in the face every time you open the pantry or fridge then this could be tempting fate a little too much. Simply store your snacks in containers or bags (that aren’t transulencet) or at the back of the pantry/fridge. Removing any visial cues will reduce temptation. Out of sight out of mind!

5. Try mindful eating

Mindful eating means training your brain to slow down your, by noticing the textures, flavours and mouthfeel of your food. With a bit of practice, it can actually be a really handy tool to prevent overeating. Try out Nadia’s Mindful Eating Meditation here to get you started.

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