Preparing for Party Season – How to Stay Healthy

Another plate of food, drink, or a bite of snack makes up the daily routine for most people during festivities. Many may want to limit the intake, not over-indulge, but it is often impossible. Eating healthy, keeping fit, and staying late into the night are the norm during the party season.

So, how do you indulge and still keep your body fit?

Keep The Mayhem In Your Breakfast Meal

Everyone overindulges during the festive season. Constant meals are regular occurrences both at home and out. From barbecue to sweets and other desserts, adding an extra pound isn’t far off. With the leafy and other healthy meals set aside from the daily menu, having a healthier breakfast is the best way to keep fit. Combine the greens, the meat dishes, and desserts, and settle the mayhem in your breakfast. A healthy and filling meal will reduce your daily or night-out intake.


Spread Out Your Workout Routine

If you are thinking of doing your routine for 2 hours on a regular day during the festive season, get it out of your mind. With late nights, after-morning parties, and regular drinking, time is precious. And everyone is all about relaxing and staying away from tiring stuff like long exercises.

But you can still do 50 rounds of jumping jacks in a short 10-minute. Although the period is short, the routine will keep your heart pumping.

Adapting the workout routine to shorter blocks will have the desired effect when the new year rolls in.

Plan Out Your Drinks

A good cocktail party makes the day, but many will still visit the pub for a Christmas drink with friends. Celebrating birthdays or weddings and more drinks find their way into your glass. Without a plan, you may get addicted, fall sick, or develop a psychological allergy.

Planning out what to drink and how many glasses gives your body some recovery time.

Naps Will Do It for You

Avoid going without sleep for a long time. Your body isn’t a machine. You need rest, and juggling too many parties, resulting in sleepless nights, isn’t good for you. Choose a day off and snooze for a while or through the day.

Sleep in and recharge during the weekend. If unable to, nap whenever possible. Thirty minutes of sleep can do wonders for you!

Experience With Friends

Partying is fun, but it is not for everyone. Give a gift to your loved one by sharing an experience. Select a time to go for dance classes, do yoga, or play football. Although many prefer material gifts, going outdoors and doing something fun is much more memorable.

A membership card for workout buddies and park boot camps with friends can keep you in shape!

Water is Life

Limiting the cocktails is a plus, but water is a must-take. Regular sips here and there can relieve you of your hangover in a short period.

Take your martini glass and alternate it with a glass of water. Apart from keeping you hydrated, you also retain your energy levels.

Therefore, the mantra for the season is Drink, Drink, Drink “Water!”

Go Light on Your Meals

With a heavy or comprehensive breakfast, go light on your other meals. Corporate or dinner with friends comes with a wide range of foods.

Stick to light meals, but don’t shut out your friends. Indulge a little, but when full, stop! Plus, always choose salads or vegetable dishes to balance the meal!

Avoid fried snacks; try nuts, carrot sticks, olives, etc.

Feel free this summer. Enjoy all parties. Indulge as much as you want!

Follow our tips above for a stress-free festive period!

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