How To Reduce Stress By Doing Less

Feeling stressed? It’s time to slow things down.

By taking the time to slow down, move steadily and do less, over time you’re actually increasing your chance of living a longer, happier life.

In fact, when we are stressed not only does it impact our emotions (like causing anxiety, depression, anger etc) it can also affect cognitive functions such as concentration and memory as well as behaviour like weight problems, substance abuse or nervousness.

Plus, being over-stressed can also cause physical issues from breathing issues and high blood pressure to issues with immunity and muscle strength.

Why is slowing down to reduce stress important?

Everyone feels stressed from time to time, so it’s all about knowing how to manage it. Slowing things down is crucial when it comes to bettering your mental health and wellbeing over your life span.

By taking it easy when you need to, you are giving yourself the greatest gift of ‘me time’.

‘Me time’ allows you to look within and address the stress you may be feeling at a given time. By acknowledging that you are feeling stressed, you are bettering your chance at developing effective strategies to manage it.

Ways to slow down your day

There are plenty of options when it comes to slowing it down (and its stuff you can do everyday!)

Here are some examples:

Meditate: Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and encourage feelings of calmness, peace and balance. There are a range of different types of meditation from guided meditations and mindfulness meditations to yoga and Tai Chi. If you need somewhere to start, Live Life Get Active has a bunch of options for you to try.

Commit to less and put yourself first: Saying ‘yes’ to everything isn’t healthy and can be a one-way ticket to being stressed. Consider things that you shouldn’t commit to, and don’t! That way you put yourself first by allowing yourself more breathing space to chill out and be calm.

Do one task at a time: While it can be tempting to multi-task, it can mean you are putting too much on your plate. By doing one task at a time not only are you more likely to complete that task more effectively, you also decrease the chances of stressing yourself out.

Move your body slowly and stretch regularly: There are plenty of ways to ensure you move your body slowly and get in a good stretch – even through exercise! As mentioned, Tai Chi and yoga are both active types of meditation, so why not give the Live Life Get Active on-demand classes a go?

Spend time outdoors in nature: A wondrous world exists at your doorstep, so get out there! Nature can be a great source of calmness and a fantastic way to de-stress. Take the time to go for a walk, a swim or even take the weekend to go camping.

 Make time for a new hobby: New hobbies can be a great way to dedicate time for you and remove yourself from the stressfulness of everyday life. Whether it’s a painting class, a new language, a musical instrument or a sport, immerse yourself fully in what you are doing and live in the moment.



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