8 techniques to breath better and how to do them

We take around 20,000 breaths a day and have done so our whole life. The act of breathing comes naturally to us in order to survive, but have you ever been taught how to breathe properly?
Doing regular breathe work can help to improve your sleep quality, digestion, strengthen your immune system and reduce your blood pressure and stress levels.
The first step to improving your breathing is to become aware of your breath and its patterns. You may notice that you are a naturally shallow breather or hold your breath in longer than realised. Surprisingly, the breath is the only system in the body that we have control over, and the power to change when we become present with it. Take the test below to find out what type of breather you are.


Start using these tips to breathe easier and watch how it changes your life overtime, for the better:

8 tips for better breathing:

1. Do deep diaphragm breathing

It has been proven that diaphragmatic breathing is the best thing to sustain a healthy body and mind. Directing your breath into the diagram sends messages to your brain that you are safe, as deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system that is the recovery system our  body uses after fight or flight. Studies have shown that controlled breathing changes the chemistry in our brain to reduce anxiety and keep the brain healthier for longer.

Check out these correct breathing techniques with Adam, to improve your athletic performance and Michaels breath awareness meditation.

2. Change your sleeping position

The way you sleep can also affect how you breathe and your breathing patterns. Try sleeping on your side with an elevated pillow to open your airways and prevent snoring.

3. Make lifestyle changes to benefit your lungs

Keep your lungs healthy by making positive lifestyle changes that include eating nutritious foods and creating healthy meals to maintain a healthy weight, avoid smoking and alcohol when possible, and increasing your plant collection to purify the air you surround yourself with daily.

4. Meditate and focus on your breathing

Including meditation in your daily routine can provide your body and lungs with many benefits such as a clear mind, sense of calmness and reduced stress. Try Michael’s breathing techniques mediation and Nadia’s meditation to improve your awareness with breath.

5. Improve your posture

Become aware of your posture to open up your lungs, chest and spine for full expansion and maximum inhale of oxygen. You will then be able to breathe more efficiently and defectively to help you with daily tasks and make the most of your workouts!

Give Shyamala’s calming breath work yoga a go to improve your upper body strength and get connected.

6. Try singing

When you sing you draw your breath from your diaphragm – the best part of of the body to breathe from! Singers are taught to breathe slow and take deep breaths to hold long notes, thus strengthening the breathing muscles. Try this to enhance your ability to breathe, improve your posture and increase the strength of your voice and diaphragm.

7. Stretch regularly

Stretching not only allows you to work on your breathing, but stretch out any tight muscles across your body and make you feel good! Improve your flexibility, posture and mobility as you stretch whilst opening up your ribcage for full lung expansions as you take deep breaths in and out. Take a look at Hannah’s dynamic stretches to add to your morning routine!

8. Practice Tai Chi to focus on your breath

Tai Chi is incredibly beneficial to slowing down your breath as you move through each position. Relax and rejuvenate your body as you calm your mind, improve posture and balance. Nicky’s rise smile and breathe tai chi session will have you breathing better in no time!

There are lots of different breathing techniques you can practice. Doing these exercises on a regular basis may help you to gain more awareness and control of your breath. You may experience other benefits such as deep feelings of relaxation, better sleep, and more energy.



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