Parent and Child Session FAQs

Please read the FAQs below.
If you still have a question or need help, please contact the help desk.

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How do the parent/carer child camps work?
This is a new concept for us and the goal is to show that together (adult and children participating in fun outdoor physical activity in a group) great things can be achieved. Everyone gets fitter, healthier and happier!!

Our classes are designed to get adults and children working out together, building confidence, setting goals and smashing them!! It’s about showing commitment and working together to reach your own agreed goal in a safe environment.

Does everyone need to sign-up?
Yes, you (the adult) must be a member of Live Life Get Active – you can then register up to two children on your account and you must attend with the child(ren).

Don’t forget you MUST book in to every session you wish to attend.

I’m/we are having troubles when registering, can you help?
If you cannot complete the sign-up process, please contact our Help Desk to resolve the issue.

Can I/we sign-up by mail, phone or in-person?
No, you can only register on the Live Life Get Active website.

Why do I/we need to provide so much information on the registration form?
The information you provide helps us to produce a tailored nutrition plan for you (if you choose this option) and a general nutrition plan with portion assistance for your family. We also summarise health and household data to pass on to the funding partner for your camp. This assures them that they are making a difference to the health and wellbeing of the group and helps us negotiate future funding. Note that we never send our partners any data that could identify you in any way.


Where are Parent Carer and Child Live Life Get Active Camps held?
We are currently running the Parent/Carer and Child camps in the following locations:
• Bella Vista – Pocket Park, NSW

When we have more locations available, we will email existing members in the area and announce them on Facebook.


When are sessions held?
Please see the Bella Vista timetable for details.

What do I/we need to bring?
We recommend you and your child always take sunscreen, a water bottle, a towel and a hat. All participants need to be wearing a shirt and running shoes. If you or your child suffer from asthma, you should bring your asthma puffer.

Do I/we need to bring any equipment?
All equipment is provided.

Can I/we bring a friend?
Only those currently registered and booked into the session can attend.

What should I do if my child or I am finding the session too difficult?
Sessions are designed to work at each participant’s individual pace. If you or your child are not coping with the intensity of the session, it is OK to slow down or to stop. In this instance, you should notify the trainer that you or your child are struggling. Remember to go at a pace that you are comfortable at.

Can adults attend without children?
The class is designed for parents/carers and their children so you cannot attend this sessino without your child.

Can children attend without adults?
Your child must attend the sessions along with a parent/relative/family friend/carer. If this is someone other than yourself, they must be registered as an adult and remember you must always book both the adult and the child into the session. Only those named on the session roll call can participate.

Can I bring my other children along to the session?
Only one adult can attend with up to 2 children. This is the maximum ratio for the safety of all children involved.

What should I do if my child or I have existing health conditions?
As set out in the Terms and Conditions, participants are expected to seek advice and clearance from their medical practitioner. We ask you also to let the trainer know if anything is wrong or of concern at the beginning of each session.


How do I make a booking?
To make a booking you and your children must be registered, you can then login and book a session on our website.

When are sessions available to book?
To be fair to everyone we only make sessions available for booking one week in advance.
Every Wednesday at ~9.10pm, new sessions for ‘Next week’ are made available for you to book.

Can we just show up at a session without booking?
No. You must make a booking through Live Life Get Active website if you want to participate.
We have this rule because:
• It’s fair for all members
• For the safety of all participants
• For legal and insurance coverage
• For the safety of all children involved

What happens if we are late to a session?
If you are running more than 5 minutes late for a session, then you are not permitted to join the session. This is because the warm-up process is a vital part of the session and it is too risky to miss it.

What happens if I miss a session that I have booked into?
We understand that best laid plans sometimes come unstuck. If you miss two booked sessions consecutively, you may be blocked out from participating for the following week.
We have this policy so we can open the camp to as many people as possible and not run with empty spots.


How do we cancel a booking?
If the session start time is more than 45 minutes away – please follow these steps:
Login to your Live Life Get Active account
• Go to: Book a Session
• Select the session you want to cancel
• Press the ‘Cancel booking’ button
• I don’t see the ‘Cancel booking’ button on the Book a Session page

If the session start time is less than 45 minutes away – you will not see a ‘Cancel booking’ button and won’t be able to cancel.


What happens in the instance of poor weather?
All sessions go ahead unless the weather is extreme. In this instance, we will notify you via email or SMS at least an hour before the session.


When will I get the nutrition plan?
Approximately 2 days after you sign up as a member you will receive an adult nutrition plan to meet your needs via email.

How is my nutrition plan decided?
Your daily kilojoule amount is based on your weight, your age, your gender and how active you are during your day. We also take into account your personal goal, which modifies your daily kilojoule amount depending if you want to gain or lose weight.

Will my nutrition plan change as my fitness changes?
As an adult Yes, but you need to keep your stats up to date. If your stats have changed enough for you to move to a different energy level, you will automatically be allocated a new daily kilojoule amount and daily portion plate. Re-download your nutrition plan if you have been updating your stats regularly to see if you have reached a new energy level!

Your energy level also depends on your goal (if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same) and your daily physical activity. You can change your goal and physical activity levels under ‘Edit Profile.’ Make sure you re-download your nutrition plan if you do!

Dashboard and Profiles

Are details kept confidential?
Absolutely, the only data we share is on an aggregated level also remember this is a new class type so we are learning and your data and feedback will help shape the future offering we make across the country.

Why should I update my statistics and profile?
To help us understand the difference we are making. We really need your regular update to see if what we are doing is changing your life, your weight and or your measurements. Your personal information will be added to others and together we will see if this idea of ours is a good one that helps both children and adults feel fitter, healthier and happier

Thank you for helping us show that simple things with purpose can make a difference to the lives of people and to our society as a whole.

How frequently should I update my statistics?
Every month please, be honest tell us how you feel and how physically this is affecting you and the child (ren) you are training with.

How do I update our statistics?
Simply login, and you will be taken to your Dashboard, from there you can update your information.

How do I update current weight, waist measurement or my mood?
On the Dashboard screen you can adjust your current weight, waist & mood by sliding controllers left or right and we automatically record your updated information!

How do I update the waist, weight and height I entered at registration?
These are your starting measurements – you can adjust these by:
First you need to login.
• From the dropdown menu at the top right select STARTING MEASUREMENTS – see:
• Update your measurements.
• The changes will then be reflected on your Dashboard.

How do I update my profile?
Once every 3 months we will send you an email requesting you update your profile. The email will provide a link to a section of your member dashboard where you can complete this information.

How do I update the email addresses on my account?
Easy, you can do that from your Member Dashboard.
Login to your account
• From the dropdown menu at the top right select UPDATE EMAIL – see:
• Enter your new email address and then submit.

How do I update the mobile number on my account?
Easy, you can do that from your Member Dashboard.
Login to your account
• From the dropdown menu at the top right select UPDATE MOBILE NUMBER – see:
• Enter your new mobile number and then submit.

How do I close my account?
If you want to close your account, please contact our Help Desk to help you with this request.