Locations & Sessions FAQs

Please read the FAQs below.
If you still have a question or need help, please contact the help desk.


Where are Live Life Get Active Camps held?
We have Active Camps at a number of cities and regional areas around Australia – see our locations page for more details.

More camps are opened each month, so follow us on Facebook to keep up to date.

We also have online sessions, please see below.


What kind of sessions do you offer?

  • In the park. These are sessions held at Active Camps at a number of cities and regional areas around Australia.
  • Pre Recorded Sessions. These are videos for you to watch at your leisure.
  • Zoom Live Class Sessions. Live session that you need to book into via the Live Life Get Active Website.
  • Live Classes. These will be announced on our social media feeds.

See the fitness section our our site for more information on the sessions we offer.

When are sessions held?
We have In the park and Zoom live class sessions at different times and days. We also available as pre recorded videos. See the fitness section of our site for more information.

Do I need to be vaccinated?
Live Life Get Active is a health promotion charity. We work in communities right across Australia. Our members range in age, from 18 to 102 and they come from 171 different countries. When we work within a community we ensure the environment is safe and welcoming. We remove risks to ensure our members can enjoy the sessions we provide. In this position we have a DUTY OF CARE. Whilst vaccination is not a fail safe strategy, it significantly reduces risk. We have to reduce risk in every instance so people are safe to enjoy what we have to offer. Live Life Get Active will require all members and trainers attending camps to be fully vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption and/or until we are provided with guidance that says otherwise.

What do I need for a session?
We recommend you always have a water bottle, a mat and a towel. If you are training outside, we also suggest you wear sunscreen and a hat.

Can a friend join the session?
Yes, they can. However, they must register with Live Life Get Active to participate.

What should I do if I am finding the session too difficult?
Sessions are designed to work at each participant’s individual pace. If you are not coping with the intensity of the session, it is OK to slow down or to stop. If this is a Zoom live class session you should notify the trainer that you are struggling. Remember to go at a pace that you are comfortable at.

How do I know which type of session to choose?
All sessions are designed for people of varying ages (including ones specifically for over 55’s), body shapes and fitness levels. We have a “go at your own pace” philosophy.

Can I bring my child to participate?

Your child is welcome to join the session with you at home. However, kids aren’t allowed to join our in-park classes due to insurance policy as it does not minors unfortunately.

Can I bring my toddler or young child to sit alongside the session?
It’s OK to bring your toddler or young child as long as you remain responsible for them and there is no disruption to the session for other members.

What should I do if I have existing health conditions?
As set out in the Terms and Conditions, participants are expected to seek advice and clearance from their medical practitioner.


Note: Bookings are only needed for our Zoom live class sessions. Our pre recorded sessions do not need a booking.

How do I make a booking for Zoom live class sessions?
To make a booking you must be a registered member, you can then login and book a session within the members area of our website.

To book a live-stream please log into your account and click on book a session. Change your camp in the left dropdown to @livestream, click on fitness or wellness for tai chi and meditation. Then click ‘available’ and confirm your booking by clicking ‘book now’. You will receive a zoom link to attend the class. 

Or you can check out our short tutorial videos on how to book into a class.

When are sessions available to book?
To be fair to everyone we only make sessions available for booking one week in advance.
Every Wednesday at ~9.10pm, new sessions for ‘Next week’ are made available for you to book.

Please note some camps do ‘book out’ quickly due to high demand.

Can I just show up at a session without booking?
For our Zoom live class sessions you must make a booking through the Live Life Get Active website if you want to participate as the software has a limit on how many people can connect at the same time.
Pre recorded sessions do not need a booking.

We have this rule because:

  • It’s fair for all members
  • To stop overbooking
  • For the safety of all participants
  • For legal and insurance coverage

What happens if I am late to a session?
If you are running more than 5 minutes late for a session, then you are not permitted to join the session. This is because the warm-up process is a vital part of the session and it is too risky to miss it.

What happens if I miss a session that I have booked into?
We understand that best laid plans sometimes come unstuck. If you miss two booked sessions consecutively, you may be blocked out from participating for the following week.


How do I cancel a session I have booked?
If the session start time is more than 45 minutes away – please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Live Life Get Active account
  2. Go to: Book a Session
  3. Select the session you want to cancel
  4. Press the ‘Cancel booking’ button

I don’t see the ‘Cancel booking’ button on the Book a Session page
If the session start time is less than 45 minutes away – you will not see a ‘Cancel booking’ button and won’t be able to cancel.

Or you can check out our short tutorial videos on how to cancel your booking.


What happens in the instance of poor weather?
All sessions go ahead unless the weather is extreme. In this instance, we will notify you via email or SMS at least two hours before the session.