4 Tips for Healthy Eating Motivation

It is normal for motivation to come and go; we are all human. Staying motivated long-term is the key to reaching your goals. See our tips on how to get yourself motivated and stay that way.

Give Yourself A Reward

You should reward yourself every once in a while. We aren’t telling you to eat an entire cake as a reward, but giving yourself a treat after reaching a goal can keep you motivated. Doing so will convince your brain that hard work results in happy feelings. By making these rewards a habit, your brain will eventually switch from needing the external reward to internal gratification. The reward will become how good you feel after eating a healthy meal and the pride you’ll have in yourself for resisting temptation.

Sign a Commitment Contract 

Research shows that if you make a commitment to do something with someone else, you’re more likely to complete that task. For example, make a commitment to your partner that you will cook 4 healthy dinners per week. You can increase the power of the commitment by putting $1 into a jar every time you break that commitment, and giving the money to a charity of your choice. 



Make Cooking Fun With Food You LOVE

Cooking and healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. Often, cooking at home is a lot healthier (and cheaper!) than eating out. Opting for takeaway tends to be common when we’re low on motivation to cook or when we’re not prepared.



A few tips to make cooking more fun:

  • Cook a themed dinner
  • Invite some friends over
  • Stick to a one-pot meal (less cleaning) 
  • Forget about perfection 
  • Try a new dish 
  • Try creating healthier versions of your favourite foods  

If you’re often grabbing brekky out, try our  Breakfast Burger that can be made within 10 minutes and is much better for your health, packed will veggies and lower in oils, than a typical takeout burger. 

Understand WHY



Ask yourself: ‘Why do I want to eat healthy?’

Is it so you can feel healthier and more energised? Ask yourself again: ‘Why do I want more energy and to feel healthier?’

Maybe you want to be able to run around with your children more. Ask yourself why this is important to you. Perhaps it is so you can spend more quality time with them and live to see them grow for as long as possible. Continue to ask yourself ‘why’ 4 times, and you will get to the root of your WHY. This answer is your inner motivation.  

If you’re lacking motivation, bringing yourself back to your deep WHY will help you break down the complexities of healthy eating and its importance in living your best life.


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