6 Forms Of Exercise To Add To Your Life

Exercise is for Everyone

We know that it can be hard to get started on a fitness journey if you haven’t exercised before, have taken a break or are thinking of changing up your usual workout routine. Our classes are designed so that people of all fitness and skill levels can achieve an effective and safe workout from day one. We’ve outlined all of our classes accessible to you for free that are suitable for any everyone and at any time of the day.

Choose the type of exercise best suited to you, or try something new!

Active X-Training

Active training

Our Active X Training is a circuit-based class that sees members rotate through a number of exercises. It’s all about bursts of activity followed by short recovery periods. Active X Training will get your heart pumping and have you losing kilos quickly! These classes will build muscle, improve your strength and improve your cardiovascular fitness. You will find that after making training part of your regular routine, you will have an increase in your energy levels during the day, better weight management, improved muscle tone and strength. Our trainers are there to encourage, instruct and guide you every step of the way. Our online active training classes can be done with just your bodyweight or house hold items in replace of weights – with or without weights you will definitely get a great workout! If you’re looking for something to challenge yourself then give our Advanced Cardio Workout a go.

Where: In-Park and Online

Active Boxing


Our free Active Boxing classes are the perfect routine for toning up your upper body muscles and relieving any built-up frustrations. These classes will also help burn a lot of calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness. This is a pair-based routine, where you follow drills and combinations provided to you by a trainer. Improve your balance, alertness, endurance and upper body strength through boxing helping to boost your mood as you fill with happy hormones! It works the lower body, upper body and increases heart fitness. We also provide ‘shadow’ boxing classes online, where no partner is needed but you are sure to get an equally good workout! You can try out our Shadow Boxing session without needing any equipment.

Where: In-park and online.

Active Yoga


Live Life Get Active’s yoga is a combination of styles concentrating on flexibility and reducing the risk of injury. Not only is Yoga a fantastic way to stretch and strengthen your body, it also helps to clear your mind of stress so you spend the time focusing on you. Reducing body-wide inflammation, yoga benefits your heart health and can also help you  sleep better when practised in the evening. If you’re new to yoga, it’s a good idea to sign up for a class so you can learn good form from our trainers. Chair (or seated) yoga is a great option if your mobility or balance is limited, and make sure to move at your own pace as any yoga pose can be modified so that it’s right for you. We are really pleased to be able to offer its wide-ranging benefits to all our members and encourage everyone to try yoga. Why not give Core Focused Yoga a go?

Where: in Park and Online.



Pilates involves a series of movements focusing on improving core strength, posture, balance and flexibility. Not only are you engaging your body but you are also relying on your mind-muscle connection. Pilates is a great compliment to other forms of exercise. The deep focus on the muscles through stretching and lengthening can reduce the chance of you injuring yourself during other workouts. Every exercise in pilates has a specific purpose in strengthening and toning your body. Get started with Claudia’s Booty Burn Pilates workout.

To read more on how Pilates can benefit you check out our article Everything you need to know about pilates.

Where: Online

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a continual slow-motion, low impact exercise that incorporates deep breathing and brings focus to sensations throughout the body. Because of the relaxed and gentle nature of Tai Chi, it can easily be adapted to all types of people and is suitable for all fitness levels. Throughout the practice, the circular motion of the movements means your muscles, joints and connective tissue remain relaxed. It is perfect to practice in the morning as it will energise you for the day ahead. Not only this, but Tai Chi helps to boost your immune system by quietening the nervous system’s response to stress via its collective effects of exercise, relaxation and meditation. It can also relieve exisiting pain in the body and improve cardiovascular health through deep breathing to lower blood pressure.

To read more on the benefits fo Tai Chi check out our article Tai Chi – mediation in motion.

Where: Online

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