Is muscle tone the secret to reversing the ageing process?

Looking younger and feeling younger! We all want this, yet the answer to this elixir seems so out of reach… or does it?

It’s no secret, we spend billions of dollars on creams and diets to look less wrinkled and thinner. We inject things into our bodies and suck unwanted fat out in the attempt to regain our youthful appearance. The results are initially good, but never life changing.

So would you believe that making one simple lifestyle change could slow down – or even reverse – the ageing process? Well it turns out that improving your muscle tone has more benefits than you may have thought. It may not be the elixir of youth, but it certainly is a fundamental aspect to feeling better. Here’s why:

Why’s muscle tone important?

We’re not talking about bulking muscle here, we’re referring to a sleek muscle that is primed and ready for the action it was intended. A toned muscle looks good, still feels firm even when you’re not pulling it, but more importantly it helps burn calories (because it aids your metabolism), keeps your bones stronger and supports a healthy body composition. Without a doubt they’re the envy of every flabby and saggy muscle – and a key indicator for a healthier and fitter life.

The Bad News – you’re losing muscle

Australians, both men and women, gradually lose muscle mass as they age. Today’s sedentary lifestyle, work environments (sitting at your desk all day) and general slowing down as we age are all factors. It happens to everyone, even those with the best intensions of maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

But the numbers are alarming. Loss of muscle, also known as sarcopenia, is a natural result of ageing. We lose an average of 5% of our muscle mass every 10 years after the age of 35. After 35 you will lose between 0.5% and 1% of your muscle mass annually. More significantly, during menopause that number of deterioration increases.

Yet the problem doesn’t end there. As you age, a decrease in muscle tone brings with it many associated risks. Muscle loss is usually more significant in the lower body, which can affect balance, the ability to walk and this then leads to a greater risk of falls and other injuries. Muscle loss also equals energy loss. Less energy means less movement, which leads to weight gain and all of this together also impacts cognitive functions. It’s a vicious cycle.

If you don’t intentionally rebuild muscle through exercise, you’ll need to eat 150 to 450 fewer calories every day, every 10 years to maintain your current weight. And considering today’s convenient fast food and processed food ranges so easily available, we’re gaining weight far faster than it takes to swipe our credit card.

To make matters worse, society’s obsession with weight-loss and fat-free derivatives have shifted our focus on all things ‘fat’ instead of targeting the main problem, muscle loss. At Live Life Get Active our goal is to not only debunk this notion, but to replace the word ‘fat’ with a healthier, active lifestyle, in turn making for a fitter, stronger and happier you.

The Good News – you can rebuild it!

You can’t stop the ageing process, but experts say that it’s possible to slow down the ageing of your cells, and in some cases even be reversed. This is particularly true of muscle tissue, which can be regenerated – even at an advanced age – with the right diet and a good exercise regime.

Regaining muscle mass is beneficial for people of all ages. It improves appearance, increases strength and lowers blood pressure. It also increases bone density – and we all know how important this is in the fight against osteoporosis.

Gaining muscle mass is as quick and easy as incorporating strength training into your daily routine and making a few minor dietary modifications to incorporate more of the right proteins. It’s a simple lifestyle change that can add years to your life.

The Way Forward

What you do daily can have a significant impact on how you want to age. At Live Life Get Active we are, of course, BIG advocates of exercise because we know the amazing benefits it can have on your enjoyment of life. You feel fitter, healthier and happier. You look better. You look younger! And you smile a lot!!

So to start your muscle toning or muscle rebuilding journey consider this:

  • Begin with a strength training program appropriate for your life stage and condition. Ease into it – don’t strain yourself by pushing too fast too early.
  • Alternate between high intensity workouts and general training.
  • Make sure you have ‘rest’ days. This helps the muscles to build.
  • Eat a balanced diet. You may find you have to increase calories when building certain muscles.
  • Add more protein into your diet, such as eggs, omega 3 rich fish or even a protein snack.
  • Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated.

Ageing can be as fun and you can stay fit and healthy during the process. Finding the right balance with a realistic exercise program, together with a supporting nutrition plan will shape a new outlook for you. After all, the younger you act, the younger you’ll feel!

If you’re ready to take the next step to feeling better about yourself and working on a fitter and healthier you, then register and come and join us in the park. We have camps in locations right across Australia as well as daily online live-streams workouts and more.

We will help you wipe away the years and put the spring of confidence back into your life. Our nutrition plans are tailored to meet your needs. They are not fad diets, they provide you with a nutritious eating plan that is easy to follow no matter where you are. And our trainers will work with you at your pace to meet your physical goals.

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