How Much Should I Be Exercising?

Posted on Thursday, July 25, 2019
Written by Live Life Get Active
Category: Fitness

When it comes to determining how often you should be exercising there is no simple formula (unfortunately) that will work for everyone. However, we are here to help!
Figuring out what will work for you begins with identifying how active you already are. Take a moment to consider the below 3 categories to decide how often you should be exercising.


Perhaps you are someone who currently does not exercise or perhaps you haven’t exercised in a little while? You are a beginner.
Let’s start with your 10 week goals. For a beginner, we recommend setting achievable goals that will result in early success and the opportunity to celebrate. Set the 10 week goal of attending 1-2 camps a week, potentially starting with 1 camp per week and then increasing that to 2 halfway through the term. Make sure your goals are clear and realistic.
On the days that you don’t come along to a camp we recommend a form of aerobic exercise such as a brisk walk for 30 minutes or kicking a ball around with the family. Doing this will keep you motivated between camps.
If you’re currently a beginner you will begin to feel results with even this slight increase to your regime but remember to start low and aim high. As a beginner, it is important to allow your body to rest between work outs to avoid injury. Many beginners often make the mistake of starting out too aggressively, only to stop after they are injured, tired or sore.
It is normal to be sore after exercising however take it slow, rest up, after all we are trying to form new habits that you can stick with for a lifetime. 


Are you someone that is already exercising 1-2 times per week? You are an intermediate.
When it comes to exercise, your body will adapt so that it can handle that same amount of stress in the future. This is called plateauing and it can be the most frustrating part of getting into shape. Plateauing is commonly experienced by intermediate and advanced individuals.
In order to avoid getting stuck and to stay on track with your goals, it is time to increase your regime and push yourself to the next level. We recommend setting 10 week goals that see you finishing Term 3 attending 3 camps per week. Break that goal down and begin the term attending 2 camps per week. At the 5 week mark, first, celebrate, and then increase your goal to 3 camps per week.
Achieving your goals will become much easier when they are broken down. Look for goals that challenge your current frequency, intensity and types of exercise, but remember to include moments of rest, which are just as important for stepping up your routine.
Similar to those who are beginners, we recommend some form of cardiovascular exercise on the days that you are not attending LLGA camps. A 30 minute, brisk walk is enough to keep your body moving, your mind focused and your goals exciting.


Okay, so you’re already working out at least 3 times per week? You are advanced. Your goals should be focused around challenging your body and mind in new ways to avoid plateauing. We believe you are capable of taking your fitness to the next level.
What’s your long term goal? Break it down and let’s get started.
We know you will feel comfortable, yet challenged, attending 4 camps per week. Mix up your routine and try new things, Live Life Get Active offers boxing, yoga and cross-training! Mixing it up will keep your body guessing and therefore results will come quicker. Mixing it up is also a great way to meet new people and really push your goals.
For advanced individuals such as yourself it’s all about varying your exercises, look to challenge your routine in its frequency, intensity, type and duration. However avoid putting too much pressure on your body to outperform itself.
Remember, even for advanced trainers, allowing for the right amount of recovery time is just as important. Allowing the body to recover is an important part of breaking out of a plateau.
Overall, everyone is different. Setting goals and determining how much exercise you should be doing starts with taking a look at what you’re currently doing. Wherever you are, you can improve!
For more information on nutritional goal setting have a look at our blog – long-term healthy eating goals

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