5 Eating Habits to Get Your Body Summer Ready

Every time it hits the time of summer, we are bombarded with messages saying, “get your body summer-ready.” But what does getting our body “summer-ready” exactly mean? Summer is just a season . Why do we feel we need to prep our bodies for this season? Society makes us feel our bodies aren’t ready for summer unless they meet the ideal body standard.

Although we don’t agree with having a ‘Summer body’, use this time as an excuse to implement healthy habits that you can continue into the holiday period. We have provided easy, controllable ideas to implement this holiday period so you feel you’re in complete control of your health without feeling overwhelmed.

Hydrate with water (not wine)

Ensuring you’re drinking over 2 litres per day can prevent dehydration. Getting enough water is especially important in the Summer season as you need higher fluid intake. To be appropriately hydrated helps increase energy  and relieve fatigue, keep your bowels regular, flush out toxins and can assist in weight management. This is particularly important for this holiday season as you’re most likely out of your normal routine, so it can be easy to forget this simple task. Perhaps associate every meal with a glass of water before and after the meal. If you’re having 4-5 meals per day, that’s already 8-10 glasses of water!

See our Fruit Infused Sparkling Water to change up the classic plain old water.

Watch your alcohol and coffee

Both alcohol and coffee increase your need to urinate, which puts you at a higher risk of being dehydrated. As mentioned, to be dehydrated can make you feel fatigued. In terms of caffeine, try stick to 1-2 coffees per day and drink water around your coffee-drinking periods. Also, consuming more alcohol than you usually would, may increase your chance of weight gain and feeling lethargic. Try stick to the guidelines of no more than 10 standard drinks a week and no more than 4 standard drinks on any one day. Also aim for a minimum of two alcohol-free days over the week.

LIGHT meals

In Summer, it is common to have a reduced appetite during the heat. If you have a reduced appetite, you’re more likely to not eat enough throughout the day and can make you feel sluggish and tired. If you’re someone who suffers with a reduced appetite in the Summer season, it is recommended to have lighter meals that are more frequent throughout the day, rather than having larger meals less often. This ensures you don’t become uncomfortably full and still get proper nutrition.

BRIGHT meals – eat the rainbow

Colourful foods include your fruit and vegetables. The variety of colours of these foods means the variety of nutrients and antioxidants you’re getting, meaning they will benefit you in a variety of ways. The more variety of colours you have, the more benefits you will feel. For example, colourful foods provide fibre for regular bowels, they help increase energy, keep you fuller for longer and improve your mental health. Try reach your 2-3 serves of fruit and fit in as many vegetables as you can, especially on the days you know you have a holiday social event so you’re feeling at your clearest and best.

Simple protein

Choosing leaner cuts of meat and fish are overall better for your health by providing you adequate protein without the unnecessary excess of animal fat. Leaner types of meats and fish are also more easily digested, helping you feel more comfortable in the Summer heat.

Change your mindset around getting ‘Summer body ready’ and change it to ‘getting Summer habits ready.’ I’m sure your shoulders relaxed a little by changing that one word and easing the pressure of body shapeshifting for the Summer.

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