About – Live Younger Longer

What is LIVE YOUNGER LONGER all about?

Keeping your independence

This program is about positive and active ageing.

It’s about liberation, continued independence and control. It’s also a celebration of age, it’s about enjoying life and finding purpose.

The world has been quite strange over the last couple of years, and for many older Australians it has been quite unnerving too.

So, we believe it’s time to reset things and look at how we can enjoy life more. Indeed, how we can Live Younger Longer.

Staying in control

The program runs for 7 weeks and looks at the impact age can have on our physical, mental and social health.

We look at simple strategies to slow the clock down and ensure you feel supported to get the very best out of your life.

The program sessions will be face to face and via LIVE online gatherings.

At the first session you will be given a bag of goodies to help you through the course. We will also provide you with ongoing support so you can put into practice all that you learn. And as a little added bonus, each week we will have a draw, where you can win a beautiful box of nutritious goodies.

We think you will find it really interesting and fun. We know for sure, that you will meet lots of new people and make new friends.

Who is this for?…

Anyone who wants to improve how they age!

Join us for morning tea and find out why you should sign up for the Live Younger Longer program. Learn how it can help you and what others have experienced as a result of completing this course.

We will take you through the registration form and help with any of the details and answer any questions you may have.

NOTE: Each program is limited to 50 people, so get in quickly to avoid disappointment. Registration needs to be completed prior to the first week of the program.

Meet the team

The course is run by highly credentialed professionals who will be on hand to answer your questions each week.


How the LIVE YOUNGER LONGER program runs

A 7 week program, 1 hour per week.

Week 1: The facts about ageing
In this first session, we explain what it means to ‘Live Younger Longer’. We take you through the 5 key areas that affect ageing and we talk about the steps you can take to improve the quality of your life. This session will set you up for the weeks ahead and it will make you think about the things you would like to change.

Week 2: Live a sharper life
Staying ‘sharp’ allows us to perform both simple and complex mental and physical activities. We’ll show you how to support, build and exercise your brain so you can improve its health, and keep it focused.

Week 3: Live a positive life
Here we look at your mental and emotional health and the role it plays in your enjoyment of life. We will show you how positive mental health can really contribute to living your best life. Helping you feel fulfilled, relaxed and owning a sense of purpose.

Week 4: Live an active life
It’s about getting physical! It is so important to keep your body moving, a little each day will make a difference to your life, and it’s never too late to start! We’ll talk about the things you can do to promote strength and balance, improve fitness and energy levels and reduce pain.

Week 5: Live a healthy life
What we eat and drink has a huge effect on how our bodies and our minds perform.
Taking time to make deliberate decisions about your food and fluids as you get older is important – because things start to catch up with us! We’ll show you how simple changes can make a big difference.

Week 6: Live a connected life
Social health is our ability to interact and form meaningful relationships. It’s also about engaging in activities that give us a sense of purpose and belonging. We’ll look at how we can create more meaningful connections with ourselves, others and the world around us.

Week 7: Graduation!
At the end of the course, we will give you your certificate to say you did it and that you are a LIVE YOUNGER LONGER graduate!

We will also outline the ongoing support we will provide to ensure you practise what you have learnt.

When and where can I join the program?

Corner Old Sale Road and, Southwell Ave, Newborough

Program runs
13th Feb – 26th March



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