Why People Who Keep A Daily Diary Have Healthier Habits

Planning is all about preparation, and with preparation comes organisation. In times of uncertainty creating a routine gives you tasks you can tick off and feel a sense of accomplishment. Set the foundation of this term by finding an effective way to plan that works for you. If you are naturally very organised or need some help in planning out your accomplishments, keep reading to find out why keeping a diary is the key to following through with your plans every time!

Diaries lead to a can-do attitude

Did you know that by talking to yourself in a positive way you can actually set yourself up for success and make real change. Visualising your success and imagining yourself completing the task will set you on the path of achievement. Therefore, if you write out what you want to get done then you are more likely to achieve it in the time span planned. Having a clear plan in front of you so that you can visually see what your next task is actually tricks your mind into being more motivated to complete it.  Having a sense of determination will give you a sense of direction and confidence!

Crossing off items in a list is satisfying

Our brains love physically crossing off items on a list. You will feel satisfied having completed your tasks which is a motivational tool in itself! Ticking off your to-do list in your daily diary automatically lowers anxiety and helps you create structure for a healthy lifestyle. You can even break larger tasks down into smaller ones so they are more manageable, and you’ll be ticking off more boxes!

Diaries create accountability

Regularly writing out what you want to achieve in the future takes self-discipline and perseverance. Setting an outline of the week in your diary and having the need to tick these off as you go along creates a sense of accountability to ourselves. You can also involve friends or family by letting them know your plans so that they can hold you accountable for achieving these.

Diaries lower stress and leave room for success

Writing or typing out a plan and getting all of your thoughts out of your head will keep your mind uncluttered and stress-free. Taking the time to think only about your movements and removing any other thoughts will put you in a meditative state, helping you feel more organised, balanced and overall, calm. Lowering your stress levels leads to better decision making and a stronger immune system. When writing in your diary it might be better for you to prioritise the tasks you perceive as more difficult or bring about stress so that you can reduce the time span stressing about them and feel on top of the world once they have been achieved!

Diaries help to track your progress

Scheduling out your days, weeks and months can leave you with an outline of what you will or have already accomplished. Looking back on what you planned to achieve in the past, and what you were capable of is a great way to reflect on how far you have come in your journey.

There are many different diaries you can use to improve your organisation skills, clear your mind and hit your targets. These include weekly planners, phone reminders, food diaries or exercise schedules. We have created a food, mood and movement diary for you to download and track how your week is progressing.

How to make the most out of your diary

1. Begin outlining what you want to achieve by reviewing your current state. Update your stats on our home dashboard after you login to see any progress made so far.

3. Write down your current routine to see exactly what you do each day and if there are any places to make changes for a fitter, happier, healthier you.

4. Start your mornings by finding a quiet place and planning out any tasks or to-do’s for the day ahead. Make sure to tick each task off.

5. Break up tasks that will take longer than a day to achieve up into little things that you can complete over time.

6. Set alarms on your phone to remind you of tasks needing to be completed, or to hydrate or even take a break!

7. Keep your diary with you as often as you can to remind yourself of any tasks for the day, or to write down any new plans as they come about.

8. Write down your goals regularly and share them with others to keep yourself accountable.

9. Prioritise the tasks that might seem overwhelming or stress-related to get them over and done with.

10. Give yourself time in-between tasks to wind down and take a break. Make time for yourself in the form of meditation. breathing exercises or yoga so that you don’t burn out and enjoy the journey.

11. Don’t over commit to plans by assessing your own needs first before agreeing to others.

12. Get creative and feel more motivated to achieve tasks by personalising your diary with colours, stickers or beautiful binders.

13. Reward yourself when you deserve it, whether that be checking social media, a healthy snack or ‘me time’.


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