Why the key to change is repetition

It’s no secret that repetition builds mental and physical strength. So make it the key for greater change!

Not only can it help improve cognitive skills like your memory, problem solving, attention to detail and concentration, but through repeated exercise you can improve your fitness and health as well.

So whether you are committing to healthy eating habits, building your morning routine, embracing positive self-talk or wanting to see better results after exercise – repetition is key.

Ultimately repetition and creating a path to mastering something is a crucial way to transform your life and propel you towards achieving change. Through doing the same thing over and over, you constantly improve…

Pick a challenge…

When seeking change it’s important to set yourself a goal (or goals)… and then repeating actions to achieve it. Ensure that you pick a challenge to master that pushes you out of your comfort one but is also achievable.

A good framework to use when choosing your challenge is the SMART theory of goal setting. This means your goals should be:

  • Specific: know exactly what it is you want to achieve.
  • Measurable: ensure it is something that allows you to measure your progress.
  • Achievable: something you are able to do – even if it takes lots of repetition.
  • Realistic: practical for you and your circumstance.
  • Time-related: give it a timeframe and endpoint.

Start small…

Once you’ve figured out your challenge, it’s time to introduce yourself to repetition! A huge tip here is to start repeating small habits that affect bigger ones.

For example:

  • Commit to your goal/s (write it down or pop it in your phone) and continually re-read them
  • Hold yourself accountable by telling friends and updating them on how you are going
  • Keep up a daily or weekly journal to track your progress

By breaking down your challenge into smaller steps, not only do you get a more regular sense of achievement – you give yourself the best chance at making the actions you are repeating into life-long habits!

Repeat, repeat, repeat…

As the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’ right?

To boost and maintain both your mental and physical health, it’s crucial to repeat things over and over. While this might seem like a big task to begin with, the more repetition you do the easier it becomes as your body and mind become more familiar with the task at hand and are able to improve and grow.

So, what are some things you might need to incorporate repetition into?

Your morning routine: Whether it’s exercise, a healthy breakfast, meditation or just taking it slow – repeat the actions in the morning that fill you with energy and a calm mind to tackle the day.

Add Nadia’s Positive Morning Meditation a go, Tracy’s Morning Yoga or Claudia’s Strong Morning Flow Pilates Session.

Exercise: A key element of building and maintaining fitness is repetition of the same exercise. It’s important to remember though, that more reps is not always the answer. For example, you may do more reps with lighter weights for overall fitness but you’ll likely do less reps with heavier weights for muscle strengthening.

Healthy eating: Choosing foods that are nutritious and delicious isn’t as hard as you think. The key is to ensure you are getting a range of fruit, veggies, protein, grains and dairy (or alternatives). Find some recipes that you like and repeat!

Positive self-talk: Improving your positive self-talk can take time and effort, but it’s worth it. You may want to write yourself affirmations on your mirror each day, jot negative thoughts in your journal and cross them out, or just put some time aside each day to let your positive thinking flow. Whatever the method, repetition is important so that your positive self-talk becomes part of your everyday thinking.


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