Improve Common Workout Mistakes with Tips from our Trainers

Whether you workout occasionally, a few times a week or every day, you may be making mistakes you aren’t aware of. Without the watchful eyes of a personal or group trainer, it’s easy to let your technique slip when you’re doing it yourself.

So, with the help of the Live Life Get Active trainers, we’ve debunked some common mistakes and offered ways to get the most from your workout so you can feel confident and fit this Spring!

What are the biggest workout mistakes and what should you do?

There are three main themes that our trainers have picked up when it comes to workout mistakes:

  • Technique
  • Body awareness
  • Breathing

Let’s take a deep dive into what exactly people are getting wrong:

1. Technique  

 Incorrect squat and lunge technique  

“When squatting, try to avoid your knees tracking in, coming up on your toes and leaning forward too much. Same with lunges, try not to lean forward onto your toes. Keep your weight in your heals and your chest up. They are an up and down motion rather than forward and back” – Samantha Wallace, personal trainer

“Feet too close to each other or in front of each other. Position your feet at shoulder width apart and in line like train tracks. Keep your upper body straight and your weight in the back leg/glute.” – Rada Horak, personal trainer



Incorrect plank technique

It’s important not to raise your back when you’re starting to feel fatigued during a plank. Instead, regress back to your knees if it starts to feel too hard. Always keep your core and glutes engaged and squeezed tight. Maintain a flat back keeping your shoulders, hips and knees aligned” – Adam Ormsby, personal trainer

Using the correct technique when exercising is extremely important. Proper form during weight training reduces the risk of injury as well as puts correct focus on your target muscle groups.

Practice your technique with Nathan’s lower body workout here!

2. Body Awareness

Comparing yourself to others

 “Comparing yourself to the instructor and/or others in the class/session; thinking you’ve got to be “flexible” to do yoga; thinking pain means gain” – Joanna Mallios, yogi

Joanna is right – just focus on your own practice and improve at your own pace – there’s no rush!

Trying too much too fast

“Don’t feel you always need to do the hardest option and try everything. Honour your body and take options where you need. For yoga, if that means spending the whole time in savasana or child’s pose, that’s ok too.  For active training, if that means a light jog and just moving your feet, so be it.  Engage your core through all movements to support your spine. Take your time, don’t be afraid to ask questions.” – Sarah Dower, personal trainer

 “Lifting too much weight will only lead to poor technique and injury. It is important to lift a low enough weight so you are able to control the squeeze and activate the right muscles with the correct technique.” – Nathan Pickering, personal trainer

Working hard but knowing your limits if the key to a well-done workout. It’s important to do what you are comfortable with to avoid injury and ensure you are doing a movement correctly. Listen to your body and hold back if you need to.

Our live-stream workouts are great if you don’t have access to our park sessions and still want to interact with our trainers. Check them out here!

3. Breathing

“From a yogi…. not breathing deeply” – Michael Dever

Don’t hold your breath! When lifting a weight exhale on the up phase and inhale on the down phase. During a static exercise like a plank, glute bridge or wall sit, it’s important to maintain your normal breathing pattern throughout.” – Adam Ormsby, personal trainer 

Don’t forget to breathe! Breathing is a crucial part of many workouts. When it comes to yoga you should be breathing from your belly to allow your muscles to lengthen, stretch and relax.

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