Live Streams


As part of Live Life Get Active’s updated online offering, all of our members have unlimited access to live stream yoga and cross-training sessions.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t a member, it is completely free and easy to register (it takes 2 minutes). We charge no joining fees, no class fees or hidden fees.

This is because as a charity, it is our mission to ensure everyday Australians can enjoy the benefits of physical exercise, no matter their circumstances.

Here what our members have to say about our online offering:

 “The online sessions have been a saving grace for my physical and mental health. They fit into my schedule and help to break up my day sitting at a computer working. I have recently lost 6kgs and am feeling great.”
Tanisha, VIC,

“The online classes are challenging but fun. I’d recommend these classes to people working from home or feeling lonely, as these classes have given me a purpose and goal for the day.”
Kathi, NSW

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When are these classes available?


We are continually adding new times as we develop our offering and listen to the feedback of our members. So please reach out if you would like to see more of a trainer or at a different time.


Who can access these classes?

Unlike our on-demand videos that you can find here, you will need to become a member to access these classes. You can become a member at the bottom of the page.

The good news is that it is completely free to become a member and all you need to do is take our 2-minute registration.

Once I am a member, how do I book in?

These classes can be enjoyed anywhere you have an internet connection and it’s as simple and easy as logging into your account and booking a spot.

Each session time can cater up to 100 individuals and is held on Zoom, if you haven’t used this program before, don’t stress, you do not need to create a Zoom account.

The process is super easy and we have found that even the least “techy” individual can easily book in and enjoy.

Simply select @live-stream from the far left “region” dropdown menu from the “book a session” tab on your member dashboard.

Once booked in we send you a link via email to access the 45-minute class taken by a professionally qualified instructor.

Are the classes suited for anyone?

Our classes are tailored to all abilities and you will find trainers will always provide a variety of options for different fitness levels.

All of the sessions require little or no equipment, our trainers are quick to provide suggestions as to household items you can use to add some extra weight if needed.

If you are not a member and would like to enjoy these free sessions from the comfort of your own home, simply register via the button below.

There are no joining fees, no class fees, everything we offer is free.