9 Simple Ways to Improve your Self-Esteem

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2019
Written by Live Life Get Active
Category: Wellbeing

In its most basic terms, self-esteem is your opinion of yourself and your abilities. It can be high, low or somewhere in-between.

Today’s society shapes us in many ways, possibly more than we realise. From the overt effects of social media to the impossible standards of beauty reinforced in mainstream media.

Our self-esteem can be manipulated in many ways and if we aren’t careful it can develop into a serious problem. It is important to take time to work on your self-esteem just as you would your physical health through exercise.

Which is why we have outlined 9 of our simplest ways to improve your self-esteem.

Appreciate the Small Stuff

You worked out this morning. Tick. You made that salad over the burger. Tick. You got a good night’s sleep #winning. Celebrating the small victories is a great way of setting the right mood for the day and building confidence.

Positive Self Talk  

Positive self-talk is a great way of boosting your self-esteem. It has been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and can make us more resilient to hardships or challenges.

It’s all about training yourself to shutdown that little voice that says things like “you can’t” or “look how successful other people are”. Every negative can be framed as a positive if you take the right approach.

For example, “I failed, I knew I wasn’t good enough”, can be flipped to “It wasn’t a failure because I learnt so much and I am proud of putting myself out there”.

This may seem easier said than done, but trust us, with some practice you will find that negative little voice becoming a positive little voice in no time.

Take Some Time for You

You deserve it! Make sure your taking time out for yourself to do the things you love. It may simply be relaxing, going for a walk, listening to a podcast… or all three! But it is important to make a conscious effort to set aside even a few minutes a day for yourself.

This is not a one size fits all solution and every person will have a different way of “taking time for themselves” but try and ensure you are present in these moments.

Get Moving

Not only does exercise make you feel great, it also moves you closer to that fitness goal you have in the back of your head. Whilst being active and moving, your body releases endorphins which activate receptors in the body, causing a feeling of bliss.

Exercise is also a proven stress reliever, if your finding your low self-esteem is causing anxiety or stress, then you should definitely try attending a Live Life Get Active Class. Our classes are 100% free and conducted in a non-judgemental and welcoming environment.

Stop Comparing Yourself 

We are raised in a society that teaches us to compare ourselves with others. From primary school, kids are already comparing their results with other kids, so it’s not surprising it carries through into adulthood.

With the social media boom, it is more easily accessible to see these supermodel type figures online and we often find ourselves comparing their lives to ours. There are so many positives about yourself and it’s a matter of seeing them.

Focus on your good points. It might help to write them down or to practice gratitude.  


Keeping those little grudges tied up in your head will get you nowhere. If it’s something that won’t affect your daily well-being, stopping that grudge will lift a weight off your shoulders.

GIVE rather than RECEIVE  

Never underestimate the power of giving. Although it is nice to receive something every once in a while, you’ll usually forget about it within a week, but that friend that keeps reminding you of how thankful they are for you will stay with you forever.

Eat the good, Not the bad (Food and Thought)

This tip can be applied to both nutrition and information. Whatever comes your way make sure your making the most of the good and kicking away the bad.

Life is all about choices, so taking that apple over a piece of cake or to stop listening to the naysayers, will have a ripple effect and remind you next time something like that comes up to stay with the good, not the bad. 

Reward Yourself

If you’ve climbed that mountain that’s been ticking away in your head, REWARD YOURSELF. The feeling of accomplishment is made even better with those little moments of treating yourself however you please.

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