8 Food Swaps For A Healthy Heart

A healthy heart is the cornerstone of overall well-being, and one of the best ways to support your cardiovascular health is through dietary choices. By making simple but impactful food swaps, you can improve the heart of your heart and reduce the risk of heart-related disease. Let’s dive in and discover a variety of heart-healthy alternatives to common foods.

Try some of our food swaps to find heart-healthy alternatives:

SWAP – Flavoured Milk/Yoghurt > FOR: Unflavoured Milk/Yoghurt

Flavoured milk and yoghurt often contain added sugars that can negatively impact heart health. Instead, opt for unflavoured milk and yoghurt. You can add natural sweetness with fresh fruits or a drizzle of honey.

SWAP – Sour Cream > FOR: Natural Greek Yoghurt 

Greek yoghurt offers a creamy texture and tangy flavour similar to sour cream but with less saturated fat. Use it as a healthier topping for your favourite dishes.


SWAP – Grated Cheddar > FOR: Grated Parmesan 

Parmesan cheese has a stronger flavour, allowing you to use less without compromising taste. This swap reduces your overall saturated fat intake while adding a burst of flavour to your meals.


SWAP – Butter As A Spread > FOR: Heart-Healthy Spreads

Instead of butter as a spread, choose avocado, tahini, hummus, nut butter, or margarine made from olive oils. These spreads are rich in healthy fats that can benefit your heart.



SWAP – Butter in Baking > FOR: Healthier Fats in Baking

When baking, replace butter with spreads made from olive oil. These swaps lower the saturated fat content in your baked goods, promoting heart health without sacrificing taste.


SWAP – White Grains > FOR: Wholegrains 

Swap white pasta, bread, flour, and rice for wholegrain alternatives like brown rice, brown pasta, quinoa, or wholemeal flour. Whole grains are rich in fibre and nutrients that support heart health.



SWAP – Shortcrust or Puff Pastry > FOR: Filo Pastry 

Filo pastry is lighter and contains less saturated fat than shortcrust or puff pastry. Brush each layer with olive oil, egg white, or yoghurt to create a flaky and heart-friendly crust.


SWAP – Processed Meats > FOR: Lean Meats, Legumes, or Eggs

Processed meats are high in sodium and unhealthy fats. Choose roasted or grilled lean meats, legumes, or eggs for a protein-packed and heart-healthy meal.

See this week’s Chicken Quinoa Casserole, full of heart-healthy ingredients. 

Improving heart health is within your reach with these simple food swaps. Remember, small changes in your eating habits can lead to significant benefits for your cardiovascular health. So, try out these food swaps and take a step towards a healthier heart and a happier life. As always, consult with a healthcare professional to design a personalised plan to suit your medical needs. 


Reference: Food swaps from Heart Health Foundation: How to make healthier meals at home: The Heart Foundation. Available at: (Accessed: 31 July 2023). 


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