7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

Posted on Thursday, September 19, 2019
Written by Live Life Get Active
Category: Fitness

Kick-starting you’re weight-loss journey can be tricky.

If your dieting, exercising and not losing weight, then perhaps one of these common weight-loss mistakes are holding you back.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Although these shakes have helped some individuals on their weight loss journey, they should not be perceived as a total or long term solution.

This is because the nutrients you would usually receive from a balanced meal are not being consumed. Although these shakes can aid weight loss, you are missing out on those essential vitamins and minerals which are key to keeping healthy.

If choosing to use these products make sure to check the labels and consider the serving sizes to ensure you are only consuming what you actually need.

Completely Cutting Out Carbohydrates

A common misconception is that cutting carbohydrates from your diet will guarantee results. Carbs are a vital source of energy and vital if you are planning on exercising consistently throughout the week.

However, just because low-carb diets are useful for weight loss and people with certain metabolic problems, they are not the answer for everyone. Our best foods for healthy weight-loss are outlined here.

Swapping foods such as white bread and white rice for brown alternatives are great steps towards keeping good carbohydrates within your diet.

Brown bread is made from whole wheat and has higher nutritional values. It has high fibre content and fewer calories when compared to white bread.

Eating less processed and refined carbohydrates will leave you feeling much better and avoid you feeling the post-carb slop.

Skipping Meals

A simple mistake when trying to lose weight is skipping one of your meals throughout the day. It might seem like a great shortcut at first but missing that meal also means that you have missed out on crucial sources of energy.

Skipping meals is also always followed by overeating or indulgence. As we feel we can make up for those missed calories with unhealthy alternatives

It can also slow down your metabolism whilst trying to preserve limited energy. Instead, try to eat sensible sized portions and allow yourself 1-2 treats a week to help you stay on track with your diet.

Mindless Eating

Snacking when you’re not hungry is a common mistake whilst trying to lose weight. Whether it’s a few cheese and crackers before dinner, finishing off your child’s meal or a few nibbles at the bar.

These calories add up and can put you over your daily intake with a few mindless mouthfuls. For the best results, it’s important to eat only when you’re hungry.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Having realistic goals for your health and weight-loss is paramount. Hearing about someone’s crazy weight loss can leave you feeling like you’re going nowhere. Just as reading about crazy results online can force you to set unrealistic goals.

It won’t be long before unrealistic goals have you feeling discouraged as you aren’t seeing the results immediately. Make sure you are creating achievable expectations by setting realistic goals.

Weighing Yourself Too Often

This builds upon our last point of having unrealistic expectations. Expecting to immediately drop those kilos can lead to confusion, frustration and demotivation.

It’s important to remember that healthy weight loss comes gradually over-time. Natural weight fluctuations can include variables such as water intake, menstrual cycle or even muscle gain during strength training.

Set goals for yourself monthly, not weekly as the constant checking may discourage you.

Relying on One Form of Exercise

Finding balance between your nutrition and exercise is essential for a balanced lifestyle. Using different forms of exercise and incorporating fun outdoor activities can stop you from becoming bored with your workouts.

The key to staying motivated is mixing up it up every now and then and incorporating a variety of different movements.

Hoping off the treadmill and going for a walk in the park, bike ride, hike or even some yoga can refresh the mind and get your energy levels back up.


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