5 Tips To Stay Hydrated This Summer

As the temperatures soar, staying adequately hydrated becomes more crucial than ever. Despite the common recommendation of consuming at least eight cups (1.8L). of water per day, many individuals find it challenging to meet this target, especially during the scorching summer months. Dehydration can lead to a number of health issues, including fatigue, headaches, and even heat-related illnesses. See below our five practical tips to help you stay hydrated in the summer heat. 

Infuse Your Water with Flavour

If the thought of plain water doesn’t excite your taste buds, consider infusing it with natural flavours. Experiment with combinations like cucumber and mint, berries, and citrus, or even a splash of natural fruit juices. Not only does this add a refreshing twist to your hydration routine, but it also provides a subtle boost of vitamins and antioxidants. Keep a variety of infused water options in your fridge to make hydration more enjoyable and enticing. Try our Fruit Infused Sparkling Water.

Set Hourly Hydration Goals

Breaking down your daily water intake into hourly goals can make the task of drinking eight cups seem much more manageable. Set a timer or use a hydration app to remind yourself to take a sip every hour. This approach not only ensures a steady intake throughout the day but also prevents the common mistake of trying to drink all eight cups in a single sitting. Consistent hydration is key to maintaining optimal bodily functions and preventing dehydration-related symptoms.

Invest in a Quality Reusable Water Bottle

Having a reliable and convenient water bottle by your side can make a significant difference in your daily hydration habits. Choose a bottle that suits your lifestyle, whether it’s a durable stainless-steel option for outdoor activities or a sleek, portable design for work or daily errands. The convenience of having water readily available encourages regular sips throughout the day, making it easier to reach your hydration goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Embrace Hydrating Foods

Staying hydrated isn’t limited to just drinking water. Incorporate water-rich foods into your diet, such as watermelon, cucumber, celery, and strawberries. These foods not only contribute to your overall fluid intake but also provide essential vitamins and minerals. Including a variety of hydrating foods in your meals and snacks can be a tasty and effective way to support your hydration efforts during the summer months. Try our Fruit Iceblocks this summer, with your choice of fruit!

Monitor Your Urine Colour

Your body provides a natural indicator of hydration levels through the colour of your urine. Aim for a pale, straw-like colour, which suggests that you are adequately hydrated. Darker urine may indicate dehydration, signalling the need to increase your fluid intake. Monitoring urine colour is a simple yet effective method to ensure you are consistently meeting your hydration needs.

Don’t let dehydration sneak up on you this summer – take proactive steps to ensure you meet your daily hydration goals and keep your body cool, refreshed, and ready to tackle the sunny days ahead.


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