Fit for life

The Fit for Life foundation is dedicated to promoting healthy and active ageing, as well as fostering independent mobility among older populations in ageing societies globally. This commitment is realised through the provision of grants to innovative projects and the cultivation of global awareness regarding the significance of physical health, emotional health, nutritional health, and social health. Recognising that maintaining fitness and engaging in regular physical activity are paramount for a prolonged and healthy life, the foundation extends financial support and international visibility to impactful initiatives, with a particular focus on individuals aged 65 and above.

Benefiting from financial support from Fit For Life, in the form of a 3 year grant, Live Life Get Active delivers programs tailored to sustain and improve the physical, emotional, nutritional, and social health of individuals aged 65 and above. Our specialised physical activity programs concentrate on essential elements such as balance, strength, and flexibility, crucial aspects to monitor as individuals age. Our recently introduced program is a seven-week educational course overseen by highly accredited health professionals. This program places emphasis on five key areas: Cognitive health, Mental health, Physical health, Nutritional health, and Social health. By furnishing seniors with tools, support, and knowledge in these critical areas, the program aims to reinforce overall health, facilitating a graceful ageing process.