Lithgow City Council

Lithgow City is a large LGA located about 140km west of Sydney CBD. Lithgow Council have a vison of creating a centre of regional excellence that encourages community growth and development and contributes to the efficient and effective management of the environment, community and economy for present and future generations.

Lithgow is focused on working together to support, celebrate and expand the social and cultural diversity of our community whilst promoting healthy, active lifestyles in a safe environment. The Council aim to Creating healthy community by providing opportunities and facilities for a healthy lifestyle which is why LLGA is the perfect fit for Lithgow.

Lithgow City Council partnered with Live Life Get Active in November -0001 and currently sponsors 0 locations. Without the generous support of Lithgow City Council, the provision of free outdoor fitness camps at these locations would not be possible. For more information about their camp locations and what members have to say, please read below.

Started: November -0001
Camps: 0

What else is Lithgow City Council up to?

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Bushfire Recovery
Lithgow Community Participation Plan