The Best Time to Take Protein

When is the Best Time to Take Protein?

If you’re thinking about taking protein, or if you already take protein and you want to know if you’re taking it at the right time, we can help. There is no right or wrong answer because it depends on your health goals and you will get different benefits from taking protein at different points during the day. This can help you reach your health goals, and become a happier, healthier you.

Protein in the Morning

  • Weight Management
    Do you eat breakfast and feel hungry an hour later? If you do, this can lead to snacking on unhealthy foods. Having protein in the morning can help you feel full for longer. You can add a low carb protein shake to your breakfast, or you can make a superfood smoothie with protein powder, fruits like blueberries and banana, which you can combine with low-sugar almond milk.NOTE: Be mindful of your sugar intake. Keep to your daily recommended intakes within each food group.
  • Healthy Muscles
    Protein can also feed your muscles. People who have high-impact exercise routines need a lot of protein because they burn a lot of calories during their routines. This can lead to your body “using your muscles as fuel,” and this can lower your muscle mass. So, a protein shake in the morning can give your muscles enough fuel to stay healthy.

Protein Throughout Your Day

  • Energy
    When 3 o’clock hits, do you feel tired or find it hard to stay awake? This can be because you don’t have enough long-lasting energy like protein in your diet. You could try eating small meals every three hours or grab a handful of nuts or a tin of tuna to give yourself more energy. Make sure you always eat lunch and eat at the right time. Something like a ham salad sandwich has all the good stuff like grains, protein and veggies
  • Weight Management
    Eating a few small meals every day can also help you feel fuller longer, so you don’t reach for comfort treats. Try to think breakfast, morning healthy snack, lunch, afternoon healthy snack and then dinner. That’s 5 meals, but if well-chosen this habit can help you lose weight.

Protein Before Bedtime

  • Muscle Growth and Recovery
    If you eat protein-heavy food or drink a protein shake before bed, your muscles will use it when you sleep. When you go into REM sleep, your muscles can use the extra protein to grow. They can also use it to fix any wear and tear from the day, including workouts.You’ll want to balance your daily routine with enough nutrients to keep yourself healthy, fit, and happy. If you’re not sure if you’re getting enough nutrients, signup for one of our FREE fitness camps at Live Life Get Active. Once we understand your goal and how active you currently are we will provide you with a guide to the nutrition plan you should be following with lots of ideas for your 5 meals during the day. You’ll also have lots of fun burning that energy!


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