THE 4 Ps – The Best Character Traits For Achieving Goals

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Written by Live Life Get Active
Category: Motivation

Setting goal is really important, but what good are they if we are never achieving them? Do you find your setting goals only to never reach them?

To help achieve your goals we have outlined the top 4 character traits you should work on – Perseverance, Patience, Persistence and Passion!

Focussing on how to improve each of the Four Ps will equip you with the skills and confidence to achieve any goal.


Setting and achieving goals does not come easy when times get tough, there is one character trait that can help us push through.

Perseverance is our commitment to the goal that we have set out. This is our long-term ability to overcome adversity despite failures or a lack of success.

There’s always a different obstacle or problem that you need to overcome to get to your final destination. When you persevere, you’re not stubborn or impatient, you’re calm, steady, and strong.

You look the obstacle in the face and smile with a grin of determination as you take it on.

Developing perseverance is built from the periods in life when all you’ve wanted to do is give up. Pushing through these tough stages in life will strengthen our willpower and willingness to succeed.


Whatever your goal may be, patience is a vital ingredient. Without patience, you will find yourself quitting well before you get close to the finish line.

Before you leave the start line, you need to understand that achieving your goal is going to require patience and if you mentally prepare yourself for that before you start, you are going to get a lot further along the way.

It is important to remember that some things simply can’t be rushed or hurried. They need your thought and attention to detail to bring to fruition.

Not rushing towards completing a goal will allow you to focus on the task itself instead of a time frame to get it done by.

It is important to note that most things of value in life come over time. The greatest businesses in the world are built upon a mountain of mistakes which they have used as lessons to help them grow. The same can be said for health and fitness, learning what works for you doesn’t happen overnight, it is a period of trial and error.

If striving for weight loss, constantly checking your weight each DAY can be detrimental for your outlook on success, instead checking it gradually week by week will allow you to track your progress in a better way

Patience may appear to be passive, however, it is an active, purposeful and necessary form of self-discipline.


Persistence and perseverance are built upon the same values. The difference between them is persistence is centred around the short-term ability to overcome adversity whilst perseverance focusses on the bigger picture.

But we can’t lose sight of the smaller nitty-gritty tasks that you face time and time again but refuse to give in to. It is important to be mindful of our ability to push through these challenges. Focus on the small wins and goals each day to prove to yourself just how persistent you are.

If your goal is to become more productive and procrastinate less then give light and celebrate the small tasks you complete that represent productivity.

For example, choosing to make your bed in the morning day in day out may not seem like much but that constant task completion will carry on throughout the day.



When you do anything consistently, you teach your brain that you’re capable of changing your behaviour. A good motto to abide by is “WIN the morning, WIN the day”.


Passion is built upon a strong desire and affection towards something, feeling passionate about the goals we are setting will only strengthen our chances of achieving them.

So, how do we ensure the goals we are setting are driven by passion? How can we fuel our passion on our journey to achieving long term goals.

Well, when we set big, challenging goals it’s easy to see how far we have to go instead of how far we have come and lose enthusiasm.

Passion is something built from the love and connectedness we feel towards something. You must understand what you are doing and why you are doing it to keep you energised and focused.


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