6 Underrated Forms of Meditation: Finding Zen in Unexpected Places

When you think of meditation, you probably picture someone sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed. While this can be a great way to relax, it’s not the only form that meditation can take. Meditation is building your sense of focus and awareness, relaxation, and mental resilience. Meditation can appear in many unexpected everyday activities.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it can be hard to find some time for yourself to set aside to meditate. We’ve found some different ways to find your zen.


Repetitive tasks such as folding clothes, vacuuming or washing dishes can actually double as meditation practices. Focus on the rhythm of the task, like the flow of scrubbing your dishes, and all the senses associated with it, like the suds on your hands and the sound of water flowing. Hot tip: pop some headphones in and play your favourite music to help you get in the rhythm. 

Flex your creative muscles

Whether it’s painting, drawing, knitting or crafting; the act of creating art is a meditative practice known for helping you to express your emotions and find your sense of calm. Engage your senses and allow your creativity to flow without any judgement. The process itself is just as important as the final masterpiece.

Get cosy with your favourite book

Reading activates your mind and forces you to focus. It can transport you out of the stressors of reality and into exciting new places. Dust off an old favourite (any book you know you enjoy reading), lose yourself in the narrative, and let your mind wander.

Go for a wander

Walking isn’t just great exercise; it’s also a great time to meditate. Pay attention to each step, feel the connection with the ground, and let your surroundings become the backdrop to a mindful journey. Walking with intention brings a sense of peace and awareness.

Listening with Presence

Whether it’s music, nature sounds, or even the hum of appliances, listening mindfully can be a powerful meditation. Close your eyes, focus on the sounds around you, and let the symphony of life become a calming, centering force.

Get cooking

Cooking doesn’t have to be a stressful chore. Turn meal preparation into a meditative ritual. Feel the textures of the ingredients, savour the flavours and aromas, and be fully present in the act of creating nourishment. 

By turning your daily routines into meditative practices and learning how to appreciate the simple things, you will invite greater levels of peace, calm and joy into your life.

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