6 Secrets to Fixing a Sore Back

It is time to do something about your back pain!

Having a sore back can be a huge pain (no pun intended). Every day we are subconsciously using our back and putting it through copious amounts of strain.

Carrying groceries, picking up our children, tending to the garden, taking the rubbish bins out – you get the point.  We don’t usually notice how vital our back is in everyday activities until it starts to hurt.

It’s important to look after your back to prevent serious long-term health issues. If you are prone to getting a sore back, check out the tips below.

Posture, posture, posture

One of the main culprits of back pain is from practicing poor posture.

Think of your back as the inside of your handbag. Over the years, we may neglect taking care of it and repeat bad or careless habits that end up ruining our handbag. The same goes for your back.

Not fixing poor posture will have long-lasting effects on your body and ultimately lead to back pain and spinal damage.

Practicing good posture makes you look and feel confident as well as being key to fixing a sore back!

Switch your shoes up

It’s no secret that high heels can give you a sore back – but why? The fact is that high heels shift your body weight onto your toes, which unnaturally puts strain onto the balls of your feet. This strain throws off your body’s natural alignment and causes your lower back to arch more than usual.

Try to avoid wearing high heels taller than 3 inches and for an extended period. If you wear heels to work, bring an extra pair of comfy shoes to wear before, after and on your lunch break.

Get cold then hot

If you hurt your back from an injury it’s a good idea to put some ice on it as soon as possible.  Icing your back for the first 48 hours will reduce inflammation and swelling. After 2 days, you can switch to heat packs that will help heal the injury.

Fix your Workspace

Do you ever come home with a sore back after sitting at your desk all day? It may have something to do with your workspace. Ensure that your computer is at a comfortable eye level to avoid slouching or hunching at your desk. Stack books or paper underneath your computer to help get to this level.
Also, ensure that your chair is adjusted so that your feet are placed firmly on the ground to maximise your back support.

Sleep the right way

A common cause of back pain is from sleeping in positions that strain our muscles. It can be tricky to change your sleeping position, most likely you use the same position every night and its comfortable to you. However, getting into the habit of sleeping in a good position is important in preventing long-term back problems.

Sleeping on your stomach is a big no. Your neck, spine and head are unnaturally twisted, causing strain to these areas. The best position is to sleep on your back. This allows your body to stay in alignment and prevent a sore back.

Stretch it out

Stretching our backs out regularly will help loosen and strengthen our muscles. The upshot of this is that it decreases our chances of hurting our backs and can relieve the tension and stresses that are carried in these areas.

Here are two easy stretches that we suggest starting your day off with.

Childs pose

Childs pose is a gentle stretch, intended to release pressure in your back, hips and thighs.

  • Begin on your knees
  • Spread your knees apart while keeping your feet slightly touching each other
  • Rest your buttocks on your heels
  • Sit up straight and lean forward
  • You may either stretch your arms forward or by your side
  • Your head should be placed comfortably on the ground
  • Hold for 1 minute

Happy cat / angry cat

This is a great stretch for your back as well as your abdominal muscles. It will also open up your chest and help to relax your breathing.

  • Begin with your knees and hands on the floor
  • Arch your back to the ceiling and hold for 10 seconds
  • Then arch your back to the floor and hold for 10 seconds
  • Look up to the ceiling when arching upwards, and look down to the floor when arching downwards
  • Repeat this 10 times


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