5 simple reasons why our diet fails us

1 We don’t have a plan

It’s a very simple rule. Think about what you are doing tomorrow and what you are going to eat. Make a meal plan. Refer to your Nutrition Plan for inspiration. Once you get into the habit, its easy.

2 We don’t eat at the right times

Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and then dinner. Set the time for each meal and try to stick to it. Try not to stray more than 15mins away from the planned time and DO NOT SKIP meals and don’t play catch up. Why? Follow your plan and you will not be hungry, skip meals and your energy level will drop, your concentration will wander and you will then THINK you need a sugar hit. Always have breakfast and always drink 2 glasses of water when you wake. This will get your metabolism going.

3 We eat out too frequently

Not only is this tough on the budget it is tough on our health. Most convenient food is high in kjs because it is high in sugar, no fat doesn’t meant its good for you. Try making a sandwich for lunch and eating it in the park. You will be amazed at how much money you save and how much more chilled you are. Also drop the bottled juices and have a piece of fruit and a glass of water. Look at the sugar content next time you buy a bottled juice, you will be amazed!!

4 We think we are hungry when really we are thirsty

Drinking water throughout the day keeps us hydrated. Being hydrated means we are less likely to reach for food as a pick me up. Its also great for our skin, our kidneys, our digestion and our brain.  Remember 73% of the brain is water so poor hydration effects how we function.

5 We don’t eat consistently

We skip breakfast, then have a muffin mid morning, a late lunch or no lunch and then because we get home late we don’t eat until 8:30-9:00pm. Next day we have a big breakfast, we then have 3 coffees, go out to lunch, have a cake in the afternoon then order a takeaway because we cant be bothered to cook.  It’s all over the place and for our bodies its confusing. Inconsistent eating is the biggest factor in slowing down our metabolic rate and that makes it really hard for us to lose weight.

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