Yoga for Better Mental Strength

This short practice is perfect for boosting mental strength during a busy or overwhelming day.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Feel full of kindness and smiling from ear to ear after this soothing and uplifting session

Yoga techniques when feeling down

Simple yoga practices which will help to energise you when feeling down and fatigued.

Calming Breath Work

Simple practises controlling and increasing your awareness of breath

3 Poses for Calming Anxiety

3 poses to help calm your mind when feeling overwhelmed

7-Week Meditation Course for Calmness

Learn simple and practical ways you can bring more calmness, joy, self-acceptance and better sleep into your life

Happy Mind Meditation

Learn how to see clearly through all the noise that enter our minds

Positive Thinking Meditation

Reset your mind into a positive thinking state with Michael's meditation.

Thankful Meditation

This meditation is will help you find thanks for the small things and bring an overall sense of calmness.

Focus Meditation

Clear your mind and improve your concentration with a focus meditation. This is a great session to do before bed.

Mantra Meditation

This session is about cleansing and silencing the mind.

Relaxation Meditation

Use this session to relax your mind and release any anxious thoughts.

Mindful Eating Meditation

Using chocolate for mindfulness and staying present whilst meditating

Breath Awareness Meditation

This meditation will bring you into the present moment, connect you with your breath and help slow down your mind.

Sleep Meditation for Anxiety

Whatever it may be that’s keeping you up at night, this meditation will help you drift off to sleep.

Sleep Better Meditation

Be guided into a deep relaxed state and drift off into a sound sleep.

Breathing Techniques

Relax your mind and body with these simple breathing exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Michael Dever - Laughing Yoga

Michaels second session demonstrating how to use laughter to improve your overall health and well-being

Michale Dever - Laughing Yoga

Learn how to use laughter to improve your overall health and well-being