7-Week Meditation Course for Calmness

Learn some easy and practical ways you can bring more calmness, joy, self-acceptance and better sleep into your life. This is perfect for beginners or those who wish to brush up on their daily meditation practices. In these 15-20 minute sessions, Michael will guide you through simple ways to bring calmness into every day, followed by a guided meditation. You’ll learn new tools to help manage anxiety and worry, and just feel more relaxed overall.

Session One

Find out the basics of meditation and how it can improve your life then finish off with a simple relaxing meditation.

Session Two

Learn new techniques to find calmness and relief during any point of the day then finish off with a mindful eating meditation.

Session Three

Respond to your emotions in a way that will leave you feeling calm and in control then finish off with a body scan meditation.

Session Four

Learn to direct more kindness towards yourself to make life easier then finish off with a self-kindness and compassion meditation

Session Five

Learn some simple tips to find more joy and happiness in your day with a soothing meditation

Session Six

Learn some tips on how to get through some of the challenging situations life can throw at you then finish with an inner strength building meditation.

Session Seven

Our final session takes you through the processes of making meditation a regular and enjoyable habit.