Yoga for Better Mental Health

What is Yoga for Better Mental Health?

These sessions are more than just a yoga practice.

These sessions will build your understanding of how human physiology in yoga can help regulate emotions, release stress and help you feel better.

You will learn some key skills:

  • The Human Anatomy and physics of how breathing and movement can relax your nervous system.
  • Movements that help to release negative emotions.
  • How to connect your mind to your body to alleviate stress and find clarity.
  • How to start thinking positively and speaking more kindly to yourself.

You will come out of these sessions feeling at ease and have new tools to help manage and improve your mind and mood.

Hear what our members have to say:

“I can highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn how yoga can benefit all aspects of their well being. I looked forward to every single session and our instructor, Carolyn, has inspired me to continue practicing what I have learnt so far.”

“I found Carolyn to be a highly experienced instructor, with a gentle, calm approach, who provided thorough explanations and easy to follow demonstrations. I learnt many new things and it has helped me form new daily habits, both in movement and thoughts.”

“These sessions are very beneficial to me. I am definitely more calm and have learned to “pause” on my reactions”

Carolyn Glover

 Mental Health Yoga Instructor
from Sydney, NSW.

Carolyn Glover from Umina Beach in Sydney, NSW is an extremely experienced and qualified yoga instructor. She specialises in the physiology of mental wellness, applications of breath centred yoga and developing mental wellness yoga practices.

How do you book?

Live sessions are every Wednesday 12.15pm – 1pm

To book, log in, select ‘@livestreams,’ select ‘wellness,’ then ‘mental health yoga.’


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 This online offering is designed to help our members and the greater community stay fit, healthy and happy at any time of the day. We hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback to help develop these sessions

All advice and information provided in these videos is given in good faith by qualified wellness professionals. The information provided is for guidance only and are general in nature should not substitute independent professional advice from your qualified health care professional. If you have severe mental health concerns, you should seek assistance from a health care professional when interpreting these materials and applying them to your individual circumstances or contact Beyond Blue for immediate support: If you have any concerns about your health, consult your general health practitioner. Live Life Get Active and their representatives do not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the information provided