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“I didn’t realise how much this would improve my life” – Jane, NSW

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1. Unlimited access to free fitness classes in any camp across Australia that include cross training, boxing and yoga.

2. Unlimited access to our daily live streams that run from 6.30am to 9.00pm.

3. Bi-weekly themed session plans that are designed to help you tone up, lose weight, improve flexibility and de-stress.

3. The opportunity to exercise with friendly, like-minded individuals in a welcoming and non-judgemental environment.

4. The care and support of our professional, highly qualified and caring personal trainers and yoga instructors

5. Inspiring nutrition plans and recipes designed to improve metabolic rate and support healthy eating. These are tailored to you as an individual and also provide ideas to support a healthy family eating environment.

6. Regular information, motivation and education on how to create and enjoy a healthier life.

7. Live online workshops that discuss important issues, provide support and information and practical strategies for improvement.


Remember that at Live Life Get Active, everyone is welcome, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to exercise, lacking in confidence or haven’t worked out for a while.

And don’t be afraid of exercising in a group as we guarantee you will meet some great people and make some amazing new connections


We have grown and evolved over the years, always listening to the needs of our members. We have come a long way from a single camp in a park in western Sydney. Take a look at what we now offer.


Remember it’s all FREE and always will be. No joining fees, no hidden fees or class fees.

Live Life Get Active is a health promotion charity. Our vision is to help people overcome their health issues, be inspired to get active, understand the benefits of self care, eat healthy and delicious food and be more connected in their local communities.