Cumberland Council

Cumberland Council is a local area government located in western Sydney. It was formed in 2016 when the Parramatta City, Holroyd City and Auburn City councils were merged together. There are over 215,000 residents in the area and the Cumberland Council continues to encourage their opinion, engagement and participation in the decision-making process.

Cumberland’s commitment to empowering their local community comes in the form of many council-backed initiatives. Whether it be promoting aboriginal history, facilitating events through their ‘Lifelong Learning’ program, patronage of local art exhibitions or other grants and community funding. Live Life Get Active is proud to feature as one Cumberland’s many fantastic initiatives.

Cumberland Council partnered with Live Life Get Active in March 2016 and currently sponsors 2 locations. Without the generous support of Cumberland Council, the provision of free outdoor fitness camps at these locations would not be possible. For more information about their camp locations and what members have to say, please read below.

Started: March 2016
Camps: 2


Cumberland Council sponsors 2 locations in their local area. These camps form an important aspect of the Live Life Get Active community and you can learn more about each location below.

Lidcombe - Phillips Park
Merrylands - Granville Park


I am fitter and have lost some weight since joining. It's such a good way to get fit and motivated to train and it's free!
Duc, Mona Park, Auburn

What else is Cumberland Council up to?

Cumberland heritage networking event
Mother Language Day cultural celebration
Cumberland art and photography awards exhibition