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We have an ageing population and in some regional and rural communities the percentage of those over the age of 65 is in excess of 40%. This segment of our community have worked hard all their lives and deserve respect and assistance in maintaining their independence.

Everybody would love to Live Younger For Longer.

However we have a burdened healthcare system. We have shortages of GPs and specialist services, waiting lists are long and fees can be high.

The Live Younger Longer program provides participants with FREE access to professionals and specialist services, to improve their health literacy and maintain their independence for longer.

The key objective being to avoid preventable hospitalisations and stay out of aged care.

There are 5 key areas that affect how we age and almost 45% of issues we face can actually be positively addressed, vastly improving our quality and enjoyment of life. The program has two parts:

1. Learning Program

Over 7 weeks our team – clinical psychologists, exercise physiologists and dietician/nutrition ists, address 5 key areas that affect how a person ages.

Providing practical strategies to create lasting behavioural change.

  • Live online workshops start with the facts about ageing, then cover cognitive, mental, physical, nutritional and social health.
  • Practical tools/content and strategies are summarised on fact sheets and sent after each session, together with a recording of the session

2. Activity Program

  • Provides daily practice of learnt strategies from each of the 5 areas discussed in the learning phase.
  • Online programming encourages adherence
  • Motivational messages/check-ins are sent weekly

If you would like to learn more about this program for your community please contact us by using the form below.