Healthy Cooking Workshops

Reduce Bloating & Tummy Discomfort

with Nutritionists Alanna Brown and Danni Hibberd.

Bloating, that uncomfortable and (sometimes embarrassing) feeling in your tummy. Not the most comfortable topic to talk about, but something that can really affect your quality of life. Alanna and Danni are going to discuss some of the most common foods and reasons that can cause bloating, gas and discomfort. Find out some substitutes for common trigger foods and different things you can do to reduce bloating. Alanna and Danni will show you some tummy friendly recipes that you will get to take home with you. Step into this Summer feeling comfortable and confident!

Hear what some of our members have to say about our Healthy Cooking workshops:
“Alanna presented in a friendly and positive way that made me feel enthusiasm for the recipes that she was making. I feel motivated to look carefully at my current food intake and start to make a few changes”.
“The workshop inspired me to cook more vegetables and eat less processed food.”

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Thursday 28th October, 7.30pm – 8.30pm (with Danni)

Friday 29th October 12.30pm – 1.30pm (with Alanna)

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