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Fun Outdoor Yoga Classes Run by Professional Instructors.

Our FREE yoga classes in Perth are run outdoors in Parks across Western Australia. Our yoga instructors are all professionally qualified, knowledgeable, community-driven and passionate about changing lives of the people of Perth. Our classes incorporate techniques including posture, movement, breathing exercises and meditation!

Yoga mats are supplied so you only need to bring yourself. Whether it’s your first time participating in a yoga class or you are a well-seasoned yogi, our yoga instructors will cater to you and guide you through a tranquil class.

There are so many benefits that you can expect to see from attending our yoga classes in Perth. Some of these benefits include an improvement in your muscle strength, flexibility and mobility. Yoga and meditation will also help you manage stress declutter your mind leaving you feeling happier and lighter within yourself overall.

Regular meditation can also help focus and improve productivity at work. Yoga and meditation can also improve feelings of depression and anxiety. Be prepared to leave feeling like you are floating on a cloud!

At Live Life Get Active we are proud to bring all sorts of people together in a welcoming environment and have been providing fun activity camps outdoors for almost 7 years now.

Our proposition is simple – get people up, moving and having fun in a group in the outdoors and also provide education on health issues, lifestyle behaviours and healthy eating. We are working towards our goal of creating a fitter, healthier and happier Australia!

“I really like the yoga class. Each week there’s a new style so it keeps things interesting. Our trainer is so encouraging and supportive. There’s nothing I would change. Its fun. You can work at your own pace. There’s a good variety of people. There’s no mirrors! And of course that its free. I didn’t realise how good it was to work out in the fresh air. Since starting fitness I’ve changed my diet also which has been really good for me.”Kacey, North Coogee.


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