Winter workout clothes to keep you warm, happy and on track

Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016
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We all know that exercise during the winter months is not only a good idea for our mental wellbeing, we would also add that it is vital if you want to look good in spring!

That’s the Spring that is but 7 weeks away!

We know its hard to kick back those covers and get out into the cold morning air and if its dark, its close to a waking nightmare!  So, to make it a little easier and to turn you “bed and sofa huggers” into “park super troopers”, we have some snugly tips on how to dress, tips that will make it EASY to reap the benefits of exercising during winter.

First tip! Get ready the night before. This doesn’t mean you should be sleeping in your gear, but instead lay out everything beside your bed so you can literally wake up and get dressed, leaving no time to think about the cold. You’ll be out the door before you know it, and you will feel proud!

Winter Workout Clothes

The most important thing when it comes to winter workout clothes is multiple LIGHT LAYERS! Many of us make the mistake of putting on our biggest, warmest jumper before we step out the door. However, the problem here is that when exercising, your body heat will rise about 30 degrees and boy you will feel it!! You’ll be warming up very quickly and this jumper that you thought was the best idea when just out of bed, will turn into a sweaty nightmare. And later, a chilly, damp nightmare.

This is how to dress, very simple, very effective.

winter workout clothes layers

Base Layer

By wearing a few layers, it means you can strip off where necessary when you start to warm up, and then re-layer later on once you have completed your workout. The base layer (this goes against your skin) is all about staying dry, so avoid cotton and look for clothing made from synthetics such as polyester or wools or silks.

Insulation Layer or Mid layer

Next up, the insulation. Just like in your home, insulation is designed to keep the warm in and the cold out. Fleece is the perfect material for this layer. Fleece is not only light, breathable and incredibly warm, but it’s also easy to find and super affordable!

winter workout clothes in action
Outer Layer

Your outer layer will be protecting you from wind and possibly rain. So choose warm materials that are also breathable. We suggest that you avoid plastics and rubbers as they will trap heat causing a much sweatier you. Instead, look for polyester blends that will allow your body to breath but will provide all the warmth you need.

Heads, Hands, Toes

Growing up, we’ve all heard that we lose most of our body heat from our extremities – our heads, our hands and our feet. Well it’s true! Up to 40% of our heat can escape this way so we suggest wearing knit hats that can be pulled down over the ears, lightweight gloves, but NOT cotton socks. After one session, your feet will be swimming in sweat thanks to good old cotton. So instead, look for thin, wool blend socks that will work to keep your toes dry and warm. Tip: long socks will work to keep your calves warm as well. This is not a fashion parade, in fact the funnier you look the better and remember cover those ears!

winter workout clothes - hatsWe are very conscious of budget, especially as you will want to save all your dollars for those new hot spring/summer outfits so please remember all of the suggestions we have given you can be purchased very affordably at local stores such as Target, Kmart and Big W.

Now that you know the benefits of keeping active during winter, as well as what to wear to beat the cold, we hope you feel ready and inspired to get to it! And book into one of our FREE sessions in the park! Everything we do, and the decisions we make during winter will have a direct impact on our health, wellbeing and fitness when it comes to the warmer months, when we all want to wear less and look great. Live Life Get Active wants to help you realise your goals, so we hope to see you (and all your layers) in the parks Monday to Friday! Camps reopen real soon. And if you are new, fantastic bring a friend and set yourselves goals. The winner buys the celebration glass of bubbly, whilst you both show off those new bodies.

We’ll be waiting for you, embracing the cold and laughing at your hat! You can laugh at ours too ☺

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