Reset Your Eating Habits with a Daily Food Journal

Are you on a never ending healthy eating or weight loss mission? There are a lot of us that are stuck on that yoyo of being ‘good’ then ‘letting go’. 

As much as eating brings us comfort, it’s been proven over and over that what we put in our bodies impacts our health, daily functioning and how we feel.

So let’s look at a healthy eating hack that has actually made people see long lasting change. It’s not an overnight solution. In fact, there is no such thing as an overnight solution when it comes to weight loss. It’s all about making small changes that STICK. Once something has stuck, you start to see results. 

Remember, weight loss is about changing your behaviour, so we need to take a few steps back and look at some things we can do to slowly make some change.

Why a daily food diary encourages long term change

You will notice that when you see what you eat in a day on paper, it can hold you accountable and motivate you to make healthier choices. You can make healthy eating a habit that sticks. And you will feel AMAZING for it.

It gives you perspective

When you look at the amount of food you are actually capable of eating in a day, it can be  quite confronting. Don’t worry we are ALL capable of it and ALL do it. You will be surprised at how motivating this confrontational truth can be to encourage you to make healthier choices. Try it out for a few days and you’ll see!

Holds you accountable

You sure you want to bite that? Because you’ll have to write it! A little accountability might be just what you need to kick start some healthier eating habits.

Less likely to over indulge

You will find that when you are tracking your eating habits, you are more aware of how much you’re eating. You may find that you start to pull yourself up on old habits like reaching for another slice of pizza or row of chocolate. This means you are starting to create new healthier habits!

Encourages you to eat healthier

You should also find yourself wanting to make healthier food choices. This is because it’s very rewarding to write down a nourishing day’s worth of food. You will feel accomplished and good about yourself, and you will want to keep the good feelings going.

How to get started:


1… For the first few days, don’t make any changes to your eating, just write down exactly what you eat. Note your energy, mood and stress levels each day. Don’t exclude any ‘extra snacks,’ no one is going to see this but you. This is nothing to feel bad about!

2… Look back on each day and observe your eating patterns. Commit to one thing you would like to change. E.g swap the afternoon chocolate bar for a piece of fruit and yogurt. 

3… Commit to this one change until you get used to it and continue with your diary.

4… Over the next few weeks start to make more small changes. E.g Increase your veggies and wholegrains, decrease your white processed carbs, make your portions smaller.

5… Note how over time your mood, stress and energy levels change as your body adjusts to your healthier choices. You will soon start to see a change in your weight.

6… Keep at it! Make this your new healthy habit.

We have created the perfect food and mood diary for you. Start by printing off a weeks worth of these sheets and begin your new healthy habit.

It will only take 5 minutes from your day – spend 5 minutes less on screen and swap it for some productive time towards a healthy habit.

Download your very own food diary now!

When it comes to journalling different things work for different people. So we have provided you with a couple of options to try out. Alternatively, you can just get a simple old notepad and pen and create your own!

Food Mood & Movement Diary

Download Here

Easy Peasy Life Journal

Download Here

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