Exercise in the Cold

Autumn is here, and soon the colder winter weather will arrive. This colder weather can make it hard to get motivated and concentrate on your fitness routine! But, there are a heap of benefits too. Remember summer bodies are made in winter!!

Get Stuck In

Personal trainers will tell you, exercising in cold temperatures can help you get more out of your workout as you’re asking your body to do more work! Some of the benefits include:

  1. More Endurance
    If you run, jump, skip or box in the cold, you’ll notice how much harder your lungs need to work – and that hard work pays off by increasing your endurance.
  2. Burn More Calories
    You’ll also burn more calories by putting your body under greater physical strain. Continuing your exercise regimen in colder months can also strengthen your heart muscle, so it’s a good thing to keep exercising in colder months.
  3. More Vitamin D Intake
    Your body will manufacture more vitamin D by taking in more sun – which is good for healthy bones! So, take advantage of those clear seasonal skies and get out there!
  4. Lose the Winter Blues
    Exercising is a natural way to lift your mood by producing endorphins which in turn can trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine, the ‘happy chemicals’ that regulate our mood. A winter exercise routine could be just the ticket to turning over a new leaf and improving your outlook.
  5. Better Health
    Yes, it’s harder to get out there in the cold, but the benefits outweigh the discomfort. Ultimately, you’re doing this for yourself – to be a better version of yourself, to lose the weight and get your life back – and that’s well worth the extra layer of clothing… So get stuck in and get out there!

Cold Weather Exercises

So what can you do in the cold? Plenty actually… and it will all get the blood pumping!

  1. Rug Up & Walk to Work
    If that’s a realistic option for you, make one day in your week that day you rug up and head off early and walk to work. In addition to getting the blood flowing, you’ll find the time to forget the home routine and focus on the job ahead!
  2.  Run Stairs
    If you see stairs use them. Give up the escalator and give up the lift whether inside or out!
  3. Join an Outdoor Fitness Camp
    Training in a group is for most people a lot more motivating then getting out there all alone. And it just so happens we have some FREE outdoor fitness camps all over Australia that you might like to join!


Where are Live Life Get Active Camps held?
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Do I need to sign-up?
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I’m having troubles when registering, can you help?
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