The benefits of turning an exercise program into a habit

Karen joined our Live Life Get Active camp in Singleton because she was overweight, and in the high risk zone for health. After just 3 months, Karen lost 11 cms from around her waist, can now do 45 minutes of exercise without stopping and has met some friends for life.

Singleton exercise program

In her own words, here’s a few of the ways the Live Life Get Active Sessions have impacted and changed her life.

  • My Blood Pressure has changed from borderline requiring medication to as my doctor puts it ‘excellent’
  • I feel that my Movement range has improved – I just find it easier to move
  • Working out on a regular basis has also improved my sleeping, I have a regular bedtime and Sleep more soundly
  • I now have Balance, I no longer reach for something to hold onto when putting on shoes & socks
  • It’s made me so happy that my Memory has improved, I have started to remember things that I did not know I had forgotten
  • Socially I feel more comfortable and accepted, that’s probably due to an increase in my Self Confidence
  • The group has provided me with a great bunch of fellow boot campers, we Inspire each other to step it up and to reach our goals
  • I have a sense of Belonging with the group
  • Believe in myself, the group along with the exercise has given me confidence I had somehow lost over the years
  • Regular exercise has put me in a positive and great mind frame helping unbelievably with my Depression
  • My Body Shape has changed and the tape measurements have reduced.
  • My Diet is so much better which in turn means my family are eating so much better
  • I have learned to make me a Priority
  • Exercise is now routine, a Habit, something I look forward to and not something I dread to do.
  • I cannot thank Live Life Get Active and Westpac enough.

Thanks so much to Karen for sharing her story, we’re so proud of her achievements!

Exercise program at Singleton

If you’re looking to make a change to your health and mental state then tell yourself today is the day you’ll make a start. It’s super simple. Go to our site, see if there is a camp near you, and join today. Then book your first class. Do it now and you will have taken the first step to putting your health and happiness on track, just like Karen did. We know you’ll be super proud of yourself, just as we will be too. Don’t forget everything is FREE and all equipment is provided.



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