9 Ways to Maximise Your Leg Workout

It’s all about working smarter not harder.

In this article, we have laid out 9 easy to follow tips that can help you maximise the results from your existing workouts. If you’re exercising hard in the park or in the gym and not seeing the results you’re after, then perhaps you should look at implementing some of these tips!

This is because aside from the actual workout there is a lot that goes into achieving our fitness and health goals. Nutrition is definitely one of the biggest things you need to focus on.

Which is why we have laid out some great nutritional advice for targeting your lower body in our other weekly blog, 10 Nutritional Tips to Trim your Tum, Bum and Thighs

Aside from direct nutritional tips, we have given you some others outside of the box, to help tone and strengthen your lower body.

Walk More

Shock, horror! Yes, walking more will have a great effect upon toning and strengthening your legs. If your someone who doesn’t have time to workout consistently throughout the week, then try and implement more walking into your day. It is a great way to compliment any leg work you may be doing in the gym or park.

Rest your legs

Recovery is a very important and often forgotten aspect of physical exercise. You must remember that your body needs time to repair tissue, replenish energy levels and prepare itself for the next workout.

A lack of recovery can increase your risk of injury which means you won’t be exercising anytime soon. So make sure your elevating and resting those legs after a big workout when possible.

Use a foam roller

This is another great tip related to recovery. Foam roller exercises relieve tight muscles and lead to optimal recovery. It also a far more cost-effective way of massaging damaged muscles than having a professional do so.

You can purchase a foam roller from any good sports store and find plenty of exercises online.

Stand Up More

This especially goes out to our readers who sit at a desk all day long. Sitting tightens up your hips as well as having a host of other negative effects upon your body. Standing up every 30 minutes increases circulation and helps to strengthen your legs. Consider a standing desk!

Get Enough Sleep

For many of us, one fantastic bonus of exercise is it helps us sleep better. Although getting enough sleep also has a great impact upon the effects of exercise. Sleep is key to muscle recovery and if you’re not getting enough quality sleep your ability to increase workout intensity and frequency will diminish.

Mix it Up

If you’re the type of person that does the same squat routine every time you workout then you should definitely start mixing it up. Without variation in your workout plan muscles adapt and your results will begin to plateau. Including variation is an easy way to ensure your body is getting its best possible workout.


Hydration, pre, during and post workout will aid greatly in recovery. The more hydrated you are the more oxygen your body has to burn through during your workout. Getting the most out of your workout is what this article is all about!

Warm Up

Again another obvious one but something that we are often guilty of overlooking, especially when working out by ourselves. If you are finding yourself too sore after exercise then maybe spend more time on your warm up.

Warming up increases blood flow to your muscles and prepares them to be stretched. Without warming up, sudden exertion on your muscles can cause injury or long-lasting soreness.

Wear Compression Leggings

Another way to help reduce muscle soreness is to wear compression leggings during and after exercise. Some studies suggest compression leggings increase blood circulation and help to flush out waste products such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

It is important not to confuse your everyday cotton blend leggings or tights with compression leggings. Compression pants are usually made of a Lycra, polyester and other blends.

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