6 Daily Nutrition Habits for Healthier Living (In Under 10 Minutes!)

It can get overwhelming wearing all these different ‘hats’ – the parent hat, the employee hat, the friend hat, the partner hat. Your health is one of the easiest things to neglect when all the hats start to weigh you down. Getting your health back on track might sound like a mighty task, but there are little changes you can make to your routine and diet that take less than 10 minutes and can improve your energy, productivity, focus and overall health.


Organise Your Healthy Breakfast The Night Before

Breakfast doesn’t need to be elaborate. There are many breakfast options that take under 10 minutes to prepare – like our Sweet and Savory Toast Toppings, or our Smashed Avocado Toast. However, if mornings prove especially busy for you, you should develop a habit of preparing your breakfast the night before. It only takes 5 minutes, for example, to prepare our Layered Overnight Oats, or our Biscoff Overnight Weetbix!




Fill Up Your Fruit Bowl 

When you’re rushing about frantically, it can be easy to forget to eat. Move your fruit into a fruit bowl that’s easily accessible. Fruit bowls aren’t just a beautiful kitchen centerpiece; it can also encourage you to make healthier snacking choices. When you’re feeling peckish for a snack, you’ll probably want something fast and easy with minimal prep time. Having fruit in sight will encourage you to choose it as a snacking option. 

If you’re concerned about keeping your fruit fresh, there are measures you can take. Choose a ceramic or wire mesh bowl, as plastic and metal bowls can make fruits ‘sweat’ and rot faster. Wash the fruits regularly, and don’t crowd them in the bowl, as they need to ‘breathe’ to stay fresh. Try refrigerating them at night and keeping them out of sunlight in the day.



Sit Down To Eat 

The easiest habit to change your relationship with eating is to sit down when you enjoy your meals. It can be easy to overeat when you’re eating quickly while on-the-go. It can also cause digestion issues if you don’t settle around mealtimes. Give yourself time to savour and enjoy the foods you eat. Eating more slowly and focusing on your meal can help to prevent cravings for other foods later in the day.


Create A Grocery List 

A habit you must commit to is shopping with a list. It can be very easy to walk into the grocery store needing to get one thing, and, due to clever marketing, you walk out with a bunch of low-nutrient foods that don’t support your healthy eating goals. Creating a meal plan, and then breaking this down into the products you need, will save you from impulse-buying – and will also help you save money.

Another important tip: NEVER grocery shop when you’re hungry. 



Eat Your Veggies First 

The order in which you eat the foods on your plate can play a huge role in how your body processes the meal. Eating your veggies first means that you will get the most nutrients before becoming too full to finish the rest of the meal. It will also allow the fiber to absorb the water in your stomach, making you feel fuller more quickly. Protein is harder for your body to digest, meaning it stays in your stomach for longer, slowing the digestion of other foods. Vegetables are great for your digestion and can stabilise insulin and glucose levels.


3 Deep Breaths Before Eating 

Try to get into the habit of taking three deep breaths before you take each bite of your meals. This can help to calm you down, improving your digestion. These deep breaths will help you be more mindful of the meal you’re about to eat, thus increasing your satisfaction during the meal. Becoming more mindful while eating also improves your ability to recognise when you are full. It’s important for your health to be able to read these hunger cues, as it helps you develop an ability to identify the exact amount of food to prepare when you need to refuel.


Check out our Sticky Salmon and Rice Bowl for a tasty meal that you can make in 10 minutes or less on busy days!




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